Ochota 22 668 44 74
Ursus 22 424 64 54
Ochota 22 668 44 74
Ursus 22 424 64 54

You are welcome to order online in 3 ways.


  1. Mail - always welcome :) - grojecka@strefaxero.pl or sklep@strefaxero.pl
    Traditionally reliable internet mail.
    In correspondence please give all necessary parameters for the execution of the order and pricing.
    Type of print: black & white, color, one-sided, double-sided, large format.
    Print format: A4, A3, B2, B1, or any other non-standard format in cm or mm.
    Type of media: paper, carbon paper, foil, banner, canvas, pvc.
    Form of finishing: type of binding, laminating, stapling, creasing, cutting to size, eyeleting.
    Enclosed you will find a preview or print file no larger than 10mb.
    Please make files larger than 10mb available to us via publicly accessible network drives such as WeTransfer or Google Drive.
    We also provide access to our ftp server to maintain data confidentiality. Please ask us for access.
    The file should be in PDF format.
    Provide your information and a contact for yourself. Phone number is necessary to start the order.
    Payment is made by bank transfer on the basis of an invoice or by credit card through the online payment system.
    Please pay only after contacting us and agreeing on all payment parameters.
    In the subject of the transfer, please give the invoice or order number.
  2. Contact form
    Please follow the guidelines as in email orders. The file is uploaded using the add file function. The principle of uploading files is the same as above.

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3. Internet store - under construction