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Strefa Xero in Warsaw offers lots of promotions and discounts for students! Check out our offer and take advantage of your discount right now!

Why is it worth going to study? Most of them answer that it is for raising their competences, gaining knowledge and a scientific title. However, as we all know, it is not only learning that makes a living! The years spent at the university are also a time of parties and fun. Unfortunately, every semester there comes a certain period hated by students, namely the session. It turns out that coffee and photocopying are our best friends in this uneven fight. We understand this difficult time, that's why we - Strefa Xero - come to the battlefield with relief. We will help you win this war! Not everyone goes to lectures regularly, especially when they are not compulsory. Getting and rewriting notes after a long absence is no mean feat. With our promotions and discounts, catching up on notes lent by colleagues becomes much easier.

Printing and binding your thesis in Strefa Xero

In the final year comes that long-awaited time by everyone - writing the thesis. This is a challenge for every student, requiring many sacrifices, so to take away the stress associated with the defense, we offer instant thesis printing at the lowest price! With a professionally printed thesis, its defense is just a formality! Are you printing your dissertation at the last minute and afraid that there will be no binding in the color of your choice? Not with us! Throughout the year in our outlets we offer a choice of one of 4 available binding colors - black, burgundy, green and blue.

Only in our points at attractive prices you can print and bind diploma thesis, photocopy and print documents, bind sheets of paper! To facilitate learning and improve your work organization, we offer a variety of products such as folders and binders!

Attractive promotions, discounts and rebates await all college students! And all this upon presentation of an active student ID card.

Strefa Xero in Warsaw is a range of professional printing services. We have been on the market for over 11 years! You are welcome!


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