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Large format printing

Large-format digital printing allows you to create large-size advertising forms, such as banners, posters, roll-ups, posters, billboards, etc. It is the most frequently chosen printing technique in the production of outdoor advertisements. A large-format printing house means unlimited possibilities! Thanks to this technique, we can enlarge the photos and print them on various media.

What distinguishes digital technology?

Large-format digital printing is primarily universal. It consists in contactless printing on a banner material, foil or paper of an appropriate weight. Low production costs result from the omission of the process of preparing matrices, plates and screens. Which are essential in offset printing. Printing takes place in resolutions adjusted to the type, requirements and technological needs directly from the digital file. Large-format digital printing is divided into latex, solvent and UV printing. Our large-format printing house from Warsaw offers professional digital and offset printing services. We are specialists in our field!

Our large format prints are made using:

  • standard paper 80g,
  • premium paper 120g,
  • matte coated paper 120g,
  • 180g matte coated paper,
  • 240g glossy photo paper,
  • 180g coated paper,
  • self-adhesive coated paper 140g,
  • canvas painting cloth,
  • tracing paper,
  • foams,
  • PVC plates.

Strefa Xero large-format printing house is a place worth trusting. We make prints in the maximum formats. We have the most modern technology, thanks to which we are able to quickly and efficiently prepare large-format printing of the highest quality for you at the lowest prices.

We offer large-format printing in the following sizes:

  • printing in A3 format: width: 297mm, height: 420mm,
  • printing A2 format: width: 420mm, height: 594mm,
  • printing A1 format: width: 594mm, height: 841mm,
  • printing A0 format: width: 841mm, height: 1189mm.

Visit our points in Warsaw and try our service - large format printing. We have already been trusted by thousands of satisfied customers - join them now! Please do not hesitate to contact us.