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There is no need to convince anyone that advertising is the basis of the activity of every company and organization. It is one of the things that interests us especially when it comes to choosing a roll-up - the price. Warsaw abounds in companies which deal with various kinds of prints, however it is worth focusing on the best ones, to which, as we may humbly remind, we belong. Roll-up is a form of poster which is unfolded and hung on a stand to advertise a company at an event. So check out roll-up price Warsaw.

Main product/service features:

  • latex, solvent, UV printing,
  • print resistant to weather conditions and abrasion,
  • roll-up can be one-sided or double-sided,
  • the complete set includes the printout, cassette, frame and cover for transport.
  • dostępne szerokości kasetek: 80, 85, 100, 120, 150 i 200cm
  • kasetki dzielimy ze względu na jakość wykonania: ekonomiczne, standard, premium.
  • wykonujemy projekty roll-upów

Effective advertising is essential for any company that wants to develop and gain new customers. There are many ways to advertise your services or products and choosing the best one depends on the specifics of the industry, but also on the expectations of company owners. Leaflets and posters are still considered to be one of the most basic, however, there are many other options which can be even more effective with low production costs. One of them is roll up, efficient, versatile, inexpensive, and above all, easy to use.

Advertising roll-up

So what is rollup? In simplest terms, rollup is an advertising stand which works perfectly in many situations. These stands consist of several parts. First of all, there is a special cassette with a rolling system, aluminium frame, stretching mechanism, clamping strip and also an arm. The core of the advertising stand is, of course, the content, i.e. the advertisement itself. It is printed on a special material: either front or block out. Which of these materials is going to be chosen for a given project depends on the needs and vision of the advertiser. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Frontlit is an inexpensive solution - surely a rollup created with the use of this material will be an economical form of advertisement. Whereas the second option, block out, is in turn a higher quality material, it is more durable, so you don't have to be afraid of accidental damage. Moreover, thanks to its higher resistance to damage, the material will not get damaged, worn out or faded from frequent rolling and unrolling. So it is an investment for the long term.

The biggest advantages of rollup advertising stands:

  • they are quick and easy to assemble, their folding and unfolding is trouble-free,
  • safe and easy to transport - the aluminium cassette protects the material on which the advertisement is printed against damage, bending or tearing,
  • The advertising message that is prepared in this way is very effective,
  • The weight of the stands is low, which makes them easy to transport,
  • high durability and resistance to damage.

Roll-ups in Warsaw - where do they work? Applications of roll ups

Roll-ups give many opportunities. It is worth pointing out that well designed and made with due diligence roll ups attract attention very quickly. Thanks to that they are very effective advertising means for companies. That is why roll-ups work well in places where it is important to quickly attract attention of a potential customer and make a big impression on him. So which events are suitable to try out the marketing power of rollups? It is worth taking them with you to trainings, business meetings, conferences or promotional events.

Roll up printing - Warsaw - how to use rollups?

We already know in what situations and at what events roll-ups can be perfectly useful as advertisements. Now let's check what purposes they can be used for in order to increase brand recognition or encourage a client to purchase a product or use a service.

Rollups are often used as a supplement of information about company. This form of presentation is worth using during events, trainings or fairs. Information about the company is worth using as well at industry meetings, events as an advertising element of exhibition stands.

Thanks to the information placed on the roll up, a potential customer may remember the most important issues concerning the company or its offer. What is important, it is also worth to place contact details on the material, such as phone number, e-mail address or address of the company's headquarters. It will allow the customer to get in touch with the company more easily.

Roll up production - Warsaw

Are you interested in this form of advertising? It's great! Roll up is a very effective way to attract attention of new potential clients and at the same time it is also economical. To be sure that roll up will fulfill its function properly it should be properly constructed. As a Warsaw printing house we make every effort to ensure that the roll ups ordered from us are of high quality, durable and resistant to damage. If you place an order with us you can be sure that professionals will be responsible for its realization.

Roll up - price - Warsaw

When it comes to the prices we offer, everything depends on the particular order. Therefore, orders are priced based on the customer's requirements and expectations, as well as the type of product to be made. However, our price list is so attractive that surely everyone will find something for themselves.

Roll ups are perfect form of presentation of a company, its services which offers. It is also an interesting way to reach new clients with the offer, who will receive not only basic information about the organization, but also contact details. A properly prepared graphic design is a guarantee of effectiveness - contact us for more information, we will be happy to answer your questions and set a deadline for implementation.

One of the most modern advertising tools in recent years are roll ups. It is a very attractive and effective form of promotion used by companies all over the world. Their biggest advantage is a large surface on which you can place a lot of information. They are also light and mobile. High quality advertising rollup needs only a small piece of floor and it can start working! It is a kind of advertising stand with extremely stable and durable construction.

Roll up - the biggest adventages

Apart from mobility one of the biggest advantages is the ease of assembly. It takes only few moments to roll up and dismantle the frame. This is very universal advertising tool. Its aesthetic qualities make it useful as an advertisement in a store, but also at an exclusive banquet or congress. It can be also used as an elegant background for commemorative photographs or at universities and other educational institutions. Due to its durability the advertising rollup will serve you for many years!

Advertising stands in Warsaw? With us it is possible!

A good idea is to invest in a double-sided rollup. Thanks to this you can have two advertisements on one item! Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose classic advertising stands or with original design. Remember to make your project well thought out and consistent with your company's philosophy. Your roll ups should contain basic information about your company, i.e. full name, address and contact number.

Elegant advertising at a low price

Our roll ups consist of graphics printed on paper or fabric, a frame and a case for storage. Thanks to it you do not have to be afraid that your poster will be damaged during transport. Strefa Xero offers single and double sided rollups. Some models are adjustable (adjustable feet in the frame).

Advertising Rollups - Warsaw - we offer professional rollups of high quality at attractive prices and short delivery time.