Wedding area (for weddings)

Printing of wedding invitations in Warsaw? Only in Strefa Xero!

Specialized printing house of invitations is us! We are already operating on the Polish market for over 11 years! Join the group of our satisfied customers!

Preparations for wedding and reception is a very special time. On our head more and more tasks, and less and less time. We want this day to be unique and the most beautiful in our lives. Therefore, it is worth to entrust some tasks to experts who will take care of the proper setting of our celebration.

Printing invitations

The venue, band, clothes, printing invitations, decoration. On the head of the future bride and groom have a lot of things to do before getting married. Of course, what would a wedding be without guests! However, in order for them to appear on our ceremony, we must first invite them. The best solution is to invest in a professional printing of wedding invitations. Strefa Xero is a printing house of wedding invitations offering assistance at each stage of their creation. Our specialists will advise on the choice of paper weight and help in the design.

Guest list

Thinking about the wedding, immediately in our mind appears a question: who to invite? Successively the guest list is created, and then their arrangement at the tables. In order to avoid stress and confusion among the wedding guests we offer printing of table plans with the possibility of stiffening. Such a plan will make it easier for your guests to find their place at the table.

Place cards

Guests have already found their location on the board, but it's important that in addition to the table plan in front of the entrance, there are place cards with their name on each table. Not sure who cousin Tom will go with? Just write on the place cards: accompanying person.

Bottle labels

If it's a wedding, of course it's a party till the morning with a bottle of vodka! Your party is organized in an elegant place and you are afraid that a bottle of frozen alcohol will look unattractive against the decorations? Bottle labels are a good solution to this problem.

We encourage all products to be designed in the same color line, so that they will visually constitute a coherent whole.

Strefa Xero is a professional printing house of wedding invitations. We invite you to our points in Warsaw!