Training & Conferences

Training & Conferences

Every conference, symposium or training is a huge and quite stressful event. Xero Zone, thanks to its range of services and products, supplies its customers with all items and products necessary during such meetings.
We offer:


Indispensable during conferences and trainings. Allows you to advertise our company. They primarily serve an informational function. An interesting text and professional photographs are the key to success. Strefa Xero offers designing and printing single leaflets as well as in large editions. We print in any format.


It is indispensable during trainings or conferences, since it is used to record information given during the presentation. Strefa Xero offers professional printing of letterhead. Proper saturation of colors and size of the logo is important. Remember that graphics on the letterhead cannot be too large and bright, as they take up too much space for notes and distract from the content of notes.


Entrust the design and printing of posters to specialists. Professionally made posters have a good chance of attracting the attention of your audience. Not only the right paper is important but, above all, the design and catchy slogan.

Office supplies

Often forgotten, but during trainings or conferences they turn out to be indispensable. What are they? Binders and folders of course! After the symposium the participants will be able to hide their notes and leaflets in them.

Strefa Xero in Warsaw - a place of professional printing services at attractive prices! We encourage you to take advantage of our services.