Homeowners' Assocation

Homeowners' Assocation

Services for homeowners; association - Strefa Xero

Strefa Xero in Warsaw offers comprehensive services to homeowners; association. We offer professional printing of meeting booklets. If you are interested in permanent cooperation or a large order we provide attractive pricing conditions. We invite you to contact us.

Homeowners; association make important decisions and represent the residents. At regular intervals meetings are held, which can not miss the booklets. Xero Zone offers professional printing of booklets. We help at every stage of implementation in the design, choice of color and weight of paper, choice of cover, additional services.

Our company also offers other services needed for the proper functioning of residential communities, including

Printing and photocopying

It is worth entrusting the care of printing and duplication of important contracts and ordinances to experts. They will make sure that the right shade of white and paper weight is selected. Thanks to specialized machinery each document has high quality and saturation of colors.


All contracts and documents should be properly stored to prevent their loss and destruction. Strefa Xero offers folders, binders, T-shirts etc. We can place the logo of a given company or institution on them. They help in good organization and keeping documents in order.


Indispensable in the functioning of every residential community. We offer professional company stamps in 5 minutes! Our products have a lifespan of several years!


The best form of promotion and notification of residents of an upcoming meeting or event. We also offer foiling and laminating services to increase durability of the poster and protect it from adverse weather conditions. Cheap booklet printing on hand in Warsaw? Yes, only in the Strefa Xero! We encourage you to take a look at our offer on the website.

Join the group of our satisfied customers right now! See you there!