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Advertising notebooks

The positive image of a company consists of many factors and it takes many years of work to establish the position and awareness of a brand. Stationery as well as notebooks with our company's logo will help to accelerate and strengthen this process.

Notes - printing in Warsaw - take advantage of our offer!

If you have a large order or would like to cooperate with us on a regular basis, we offer printing of notebooks at a favourable price. Feel free to contact us.

Is it worth investing in printed notebooks?

Definitely yes. Notebooks should be a permanent element of our company. They will prove useful during everyday work, trainings, conferences, business meetings, recruitment talks as well as gifts for regular clients. Advertising pads will also be useful in office work.

How to create a perfect advertising notebook?

During the project, we must pay attention that notepads have graphics in the right colors - aggressive colors will look unattractive, and too delicate will be hardly visible. Graphic elements cannot be too big so they do not take too much space for notes. Remember that printed notebooks are products which are going to be a business card of your company, so take care of the proper paper weight and whiteness. All these elements are taken into consideration in our points during the realization of orders for printing notebooks.

What are the benefits of corporate notebooks?

Promotional notebooks help to maintain a coherent visual identification of the company. It is worth taking care that our company communicates its professionalism and attention to details through various forms of promotion. Not only printed notebooks but also stationery and business cards will work well for this purpose. It is important that all these products are kept in the same color scheme. As the name suggests, advertising notebooks are supposed to advertise a brand, so think carefully about what you want your company notebooks to contain - only then they will bring the desired effect.

Strefa Xero offers its clients printing of notebooks at the lowest prices in Warsaw. We invite you!

A positive image of your company consists of many factors, you are surely aware of that. It takes many years of hard work to develop a strong brand position on the market. And this is where our products, such as stationery and notebooks with your company's logo, which are really great promotional products, will prove helpful!

Notes Warsaw

Notes printing in Warsaw. If you want to order many pieces of notebooks from us, we can offer you really good discounts. Take advantage of our services, we are located in Ursus and Warsaw Ochota. However, this is not the end of the range of our activities. Wherever you are, you can order online and we will make sure that you get exactly what you need. Our staff will take care of you and your ideas individually, focusing on every detail of your order.

Notebook printing Warsaw

Wondering if it's worth investing in notebooks? Our answer is - of course it is! Notebooks should be a permanent part of your business. They will be useful during trainings, recruitment interviews, conferences or simply in everyday work duties. A corporate notebook will make your corporate image coherent. You can also use company notebooks as gifts for your employees or as gadgets at company meetings or conferences - thanks to such tactics you will look great in the eyes of others, but you will also create a very subtle, but very effective promotion of your company!

You may be wondering how to create the perfect notebook for your business. It is very important for you to make sure that your notebook has the right colors and graphics. It may seem trivial, but colors create emotions that affect the potential customer, this is really very important. As for the colors, remember that aggressive colors are not attractive because they are invasive to the viewer and may be met with criticism, and too soft shades may not be visible enough. The same with graphic elements. They can't be too big because they will take up too much space that can be used for notes - and a notebook is, as the name suggests, for taking notes!

Printing of advertising notebooks Warsaw

If you decide to print company notebooks, remember that such a notebook is a form of business card for your company. In this case, it must be very detailed and aesthetically planned. It is not only important what colors will dominate in it and what font will be in them, but also on what paper it will be made. Take care of the right paper weight, its quality and whiteness. All these details, we take into account while printing notebooks for you.

Warsaw printing house of advertising notebooks

Finally, let's talk about the benefits of having company notebooks. You definitely want your company to come off as good in the eyes of potential clients or important customers. You want to appear professional and attract the attention of your potential customers. It is a very good and applaudable approach, therefore take care of the details of your company, which are, among others, company notebooks with logo. Think twice before you commission your project and if you don't know how to go about it, even though you have plenty of ideas, commission it to us! Listening to each of your needs, we will try to make a project for you based on our experience, but also so that you feel that every element of your idea is included. Check us out, we invite you!

In order to make you look at Z Strefa Xero with a curious eye and take advantage of our services, take a look at the attractive conditions that we can offer you if you decide to give us the whole of your order for realization. We offer our customers very favorable conditions of cooperation, especially those who decide to stay with us permanently:

  • you can take advantage of special discount prices, depending on the volume or size of the order
    you can negotiate prices with us
    we defer the date of payment, if necessary, trusting you - so trust us too!
    we guarantee the highest quality of service
    we execute all orders quickly
    we keep 100% confidentiality of the materials entrusted to us by you
    we deliver the order to you free of charge
    you can be assisted by our salesman - just ask for details

If you are looking for a professional printing house which will not disappoint you with the quality of print, will fulfill your order quickly and will listen carefully to your product-related needs, it is necessary to contact us. You can do it by phone, e-mail or visit our two points in Warsaw, which are located in Ochota and Ursynów. You are most welcome!