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Stationery helps in maintaining a positive corporate image. It emphasizes the professionalism of the company and our respect for the recipient. The letterhead must meet several criteria in order to perform its function well and help build a strong brand.

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Letterheads are indispensable in companies where constant correspondence with clients and customers is conducted. First of all it has an informative role, because apart from graphics with the company logo it contains basic contact information. Letterhead should be designed in such a way that it can be used for business letters, promotional and informational purposes, to present trade offer, but also to issue bills and invoices. It will also come in handy during conferences and training sessions for taking notes. It is also an idea for a gift for regular customers.


It must be well thought out and consistent with the nature of the services offered by your business. Those with a strong color scheme will blend in with the image of advertising agencies, but will not work well in a bank or City Hall. It is important that the color scheme is consistent with the appearance of the company, so we recommend entrusting the project to people who specialize in creating corporate identity. You can choose whether you want to include all the data, such as name, phone number, e-mail, address, or you prefer to bet on a color accent and logo - it all depends on the type of company and your preferences.

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When the project is ready, it's time to choose the right paper. You have to think about the colour/intensity of white as well as the grammage and the right texture. The printing of the letterhead is something we cannot economize on. Business stationery is the business card of your company and subconsciously shows your customers information about the quality of your services. It should be made on the highest quality paper.

Stationery - show your best side

From luxurious papers to vibrant colors, let your business reach the next level that stationery gives. Keep everything in line with your brand philosophy, making sure that your company name and logo remain forever in the minds of your customers and clients. Stationery is one of those corporate identity items that is often overlooked because it is already a rarity in our time. So show your originality and dazzle everyone with your idea.

Build your brand image and provide your company with professional letterhead! Welcome to the Strefa Xero in Warsaw!