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Strefa Xero in Warsaw offers its customers professional design and printing of calendars for businesses and individual clients. We invite you to take advantage of our offer now!

Book calendars are back in style! In the past they were associated only with work in the office or school. Nowadays, with the beginning of a new year, almost everyone buys a calendar. Why? Thanks to a calendar we can have all necessary information, appointments and contacts with us - at our fingertips. It helps to plan a particular day, week or month, reminds of important meetings and anniversaries - all you have to do is mark the chosen date with a coloured pen. It is also an alternative for people who prefer traditional solutions and do not like to write down notes and important events on their phones. Even if you like using your smartphone, it's worth investing in a calendar in case the battery dies. The combination of bright pages and dark text make it a tool in which you can quickly find the necessary information.


They are usually produced in A5 format, but there are also proponents of larger and smaller calendars. The A5 owes its popularity to its size, which is small enough to fit in a purse or briefcase, yet large enough to be clear and contain plenty of space for notes and write-ups.


Organic leather or textile material - it all depends on the preferences of the client and the printer. The color of the cover is chosen by the customer. Text and company logo can be placed on it. Fashionable and stylish calendars are a great gadget.


Everything depends on the customer's taste and needs. The color and texture of the paper is selected individually.

The calendar also fulfills the function of advertising. It's a great way to promote the form and a gift for employees and suppliers. Consistent with the company's color line complements the visual concept of the company.

Professional printing of company calendars in Warsaw? Yes, at the Strefa Xero! Join the group of our satisfied clients today.

Printing calendars Warsaw

We are here to meet your ideas and expectations. Strefa Xero in Warsaw offers its clients professional design and printing of calendars. We invite you to take advantage of our services - we have been operating on the xero market for over 10 years and we know our job very well. The book calendars are coming back to favor, once were associated only with the office or school work, but now the calendar of this type has almost everyone with him. Why have calendars become so popular? Because they are very useful! Thanks to having it, we can have all the most important information in one place. You can make notes in it and write down your telephone number. We can write literally everything in the calendar! Calendar is also a great alternative for people who are not convinced despite the development of technology to save all important information in the phone. Besides, the calendar will never have a drained battery, which you can't say about your smartphone. Are these advantages of having your own private calendar enough to make you want to have one too?

Calendars printing house Warsaw

Looking for professional, top quality calendar printing in Warsaw? Come to us. We have been operating for over 10 years and thanks to the experience gained during that time, the best quality products come out from under our machines. In Strefa Xero you will not feel disappointed with what you get after placing an order with us. The number of customers satisfied with our services is really large - check, ask - we have nothing to hide. And when you are convinced, come! Our offices are located in Ochota and Ursus. If you can't visit us in person, that's okay! You can commission us by email or phone, we are here for you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Would you like to know what calendar format you can print with us? Calendars are usually produced in A5 format. This size is very convenient because it fits into your backpack or bag without any problems. It is not heavy but at the same time it allows you to write down important information in a clear and convenient way. And what about the cover? You can choose it yourself. Organic leather or textile material - the kind of cover you choose is up to you. The same goes for the color of the cover. If you want, the cover can also contain your company logo or an inscription that you provide us with.

Printing calendars Warsaw

The interior of your calendar is your own business. You can choose the color and texture of the paper on which your calendars will be printed. We take an individual approach to each of our clients, taking care of their needs and listening carefully to the guidelines so that what they expect is fully fulfilled and they leave our printing house with a smile on their lips - not a grimace of dissatisfaction! You should know that a calendar is also a great option for promoting your brand if you run a business. You can hand out calendars to your employees on all sorts of festive occasions, but also to your suppliers. When you choose a calendar that matches the colors of your company, it will complement the visual concept of your company - a great idea to make your brand look classy and professional!

Printing calendars Warsaw

Sometimes you know what you would like to get, but you don't have the sense to present it to us properly? If that's the case, no problem - you can come to us with your idea and after listening to everything you have to tell us, we will try to put it together and offer you a design of your calendar made according to your guidelines. If you're happy, we start printing! And if not, we'll correct whatever is unacceptable to you. We are open to anything you want from us. We want our customers to be satisfied with working with us, and to come back to us in the future knowing that they will get what they expect.