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Book Printing

Drukarnia książek

Writing a book is a combination of many hours of work and writing talent. The poured words need to be printed and bound properly. Book printing should be entrusted to specialists. Xero Zone is a place where we offer professional book printing at low prices.

Book printing - what affects the price?

  •     type and weight of paper,
        number of pages,
        type of cover,
        volume of publication,
        number and type of illustrations.

Digital and offset techniques - which one to choose?

Digital book printing is based on the use of toner. In the case of this technique, there is no need to expose and consume plates and create matrices. Thanks to this, the technological process is easier and does not generate large costs. Digital printing is recommended for smaller print runs. Offset printing of books is possible by using special inks. This is a more complicated process and is recommended for large print runs (over 1500 copies). It is important that the number of pages is divisible by sixteen or eight - failure to meet this condition results in higher costs. Remember that the book must be saved in PDF format. The file should be prepared for double-sided printing. Book printing house in Warsaw? Only Strefa Xero!

Printing a book - what format should I choose?

The most popular size is A5 (148 x 210 mm). This is the most common format chosen by customers. Another, larger format is B5 (176 x 250 mm). The size of the book is a factor that determines the price.

In case of regular cooperation or large orders we offer attractive price conditions.

Strefa Xero is a professional book printing house in Warsaw. We encourage you to contact us - our staff will answer any questions.

Our Strefa Xero is a dynamically growing digital printing house from Warsaw. We offer our customers a full range of professional printing services. Although we have been on the market for several years, all the time we develop our services with the flow of new trends. We are modern and experienced in our profession, and this combination allows us to carry out orders for you in the highest quality! Our priority is professional and comprehensive service for individual clients and large companies.

We will prepare for you any kind of prints. We can design for you flyers, posters, business cards or large format prints - each of the products tailored to your needs and according to your idea. We focus on the highest professional level of service. With us you do not have to worry about the quality of your order. We realize that printing in a printing house is a risky decision for you, because it often happens that ordering a print, you get a faded version of something that was supposed to delight, and such is not. Our company, based on years of experience, bet on the best quality inks available on the market! Strefa Xero knows what is important to you and will not disappoint you with the quality of its printouts. Check us out and take advantage of our services!

Book printing Warsaw

Offset Printing House Warsaw. If you run a company, you certainly want to stand out from the competition, you want to be perceived the best by your customers and suppliers. Every detail is important, especially how you advertise your company and what quality your advertising products will be. We are talking about business cards, envelopes, catalogs or brochures. Customers buy with their eyes, it is an old and good rule, so you have to take care of such details especially! The logo of your company is extremely important, that goes without saying, but the quality of its printing also plays a very important role here. That's what we are from - Strefa Xero - we will take care of your promotional products as best as possible. Trust us, and you will proudly give your potential customer a leaflet or a business card printed in our printing house. We are specialists in our field, and our staff, who know perfectly how to take care of your order, make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Printing of books Warsaw

Book printing Warsaw. We are here to ensure that your ideas are realized in the best possible way. Are you writing books? Do you want their printout to be as good as their content? If yes, you have come to the right place! The words you have poured over should be printed properly and bound with the utmost care and professionalism. Entrust your book to professionals - Xero Zone is the place where you will find excellent quality thanks to the best quality inks and very convenient printing prices!

A few words about what affects the price of printing a book:

  •     - its dimensions
        - paper type and weight
        - number of pages to be printed
        - print run
        - kind of book cover
        - number of illustrations and their type


When you are wondering how to print your artwork, you need to know that we have two printing options - they are offset and digital. Wondering which one to choose? We explain what one and the other is all about to help you choose.

The digital printing method is based on the use of toner. Professionally speaking, with this type of printing, we don't have to create stencils or use plates. Digital printing is easier and doesn't cost a lot of money. We usually suggest it for smaller print runs.

Offset printing is done with special inks, it is more complicated and we recommend it for large editions - such over 1500 pieces. Remember that each book sent to the printing house must be saved in PDF format. What is important, the files must be prepared for double-sided printing. You hand over the prepared material to us and we handle it with highest precision!

Book printing Warsaw

You've probably wondered many times what format to choose before printing your book. We can tell you that the most popular format is A5 (148x210mm). It is followed by B5 format (176x250mm). When you decide on the format, ask us about the price - it depends on your choice, but we don't want to rip you off! In case of regular cooperation or large orders we offer very attractive price conditions - check our offer, you won't regret it!

As specialists in our field, we pay the utmost attention to each project sent or brought to us with professionalism. We print on black and white as well as color versions - all at the highest level. The printouts in our printing house are of the highest quality and what will certainly surprise you, the prices we offer are very attractive. You don't have to worry about waiting forever for your order to be delivered. Thanks to offset printing, which is very fast and of excellent quality, we carry out our customers' orders in a fast pace - try it and see for yourself!