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Photo posters

Photo posters

Photo poster - Warsaw - we invite you to check out the offer of Strefa Xero.

No idea how to decorate your interior? Do you need a professional print for your portfolio? Or maybe you are looking for an original idea for a gift? Canvas posters will be the best choice!

Is a canvas poster a good gift idea?

Of course it is! Nothing makes you happier than a gift made from the heart. It is a very versatile idea, because it can be customized to fit the person and the occasion. For smaller children we can use photo wallpapers with cartoon characters and for a friend - a poster on canvas with a joint photo from a trip to the mountains. It is also a good and original idea for a gift for the newlyweds. Remember to choose a picture taken in high quality.

Top quality at the lowest price

Print in the highest quality as from as photographer? Yes, it is with us! We print all sizes from A0 to B0 on glossy, silk or matte paper. We offer printing from your own photo as well as enlarged prints - our employees do their best to make your posters in the best resolution. Nothing is impossible for us! Time is not an obstacle for us - you will receive your products right away in our outlets in Warsaw.

Enjoy your holiday moments every day. Preserve your memories and create a poster from your photo! Canvas posters will decorate your home with photos that will take the form of a real painting. All photo posters made by Strefa Xero have high resolution and excellent color saturation. Trust our specialists and use our services now!

Poster from a photo? Printed right away in Warsaw? Yes! only in Strefa Xero!

Collage photo poster

Photo poster in the form of collage is a popular solution among our customers. On such a collage you can put many photos, that is many unforgettable moments. In the collage poster on canvas you can put pictures of friends, family, vacation or wedding photos - the decision and arrangement of photos depends only on you, you are the designer.

Such a photo poster can be printed on canvas or acrylic glass. We are open to the realization of your craziest ideas.

Remember also that the collage of posters on canvas should meet different criteria if you want to place it in the bathroom, and other if it is to harmonize with the decor of the living room or give it an energetic touch. One of the most important issues is the harmonious consistency of the material, theme and space. Gallery Prints, or collages on acrylic glass, are perfect for the living room and bedroom. While a canvas collage poster is placed on a stiffened foam, a paper print is ideal for smaller resolution posters. A canvas collage looks especially good on a smooth wall with a solid texture.

Canvas online - canvas posters

If you would like to order a photo canvas print from our Xero Zone outlet, this is also possible remotely. Just go to our website https://strefaxero.pl/zamow-on-line and tell us in turn about the parameters of your order, attach photos, provide your personal details, preferred type of finish, format and paper of the print. After completing the form, we will call you back and discuss the necessary details of your order.

We also make it possible to send your order by courier, you will learn about the details by phone.

Photo Poster Offers

Fotoplakat Canvas Warszawa możesz wydrukować na materiale dostosowanym do twoich indywidualnych preferencji. Oferujemy kilkadziesiąt różnych formatów do wydruku, jak również ramy dla wybranych formatów.
Fotoplakaty można wydrukować np. jako druk cyfrowy matowy - zupełnie matowy fotoplakat z widocznymi matowieniami, papier fotograficzny szlachetny matowy - matowy fotoplakat z mniej widocznymi matowieniami, papier fotograficzny błyszczący - podstawowy błysk papieru fotograficznego, papier fotograficzny jedwabisty - idealny do zdjęć portretowych, papier fotograficzny premium - wydruk fotoplakatu w najlepszej jakości błysku.
O szczegóły zapytaj naszych konsultantów.

Ask our consultants for details.

Frame photo poster

If you want to present your photo poster in the best possible way, then one of the best ideas is a frame. You can choose from wooden frames, metal frames, plastic frames with a light flash.

It all depends on your living arrangement and the photo you want to frame. If you have any problems with choosing the right frame for your photos, we can help you. We are here to fulfil even the most exaggerated visions of our customers.

Photo poster with your own photos

- What types of photo posters can we distinguish?

- Photo poster with your own photo - this is one of the most popular forms of photo posters. Photos from your camera directly transferred to paper, canvas or glass.

- Photo Wallcovering from a collage of photos - we have already discussed the collage briefly above, it is simply several photos placed in a frame in a manner specified by the customer.

- Photo poster in the form of "magazine cover". - is a perfect gift idea for a loved one. We place the selected photo on the cover design of a magazine such as Vogue or Times.

- Photo poster in any design - with us you do not have to limit yourself to one photo or even several, you can create your own design and send it to us for printing.

Printing a poster with a photo

We print the photo poster on thicker paper so that it is resistant to humidity and sunlight. You can pick up your printed photo poster at one of our two locations in Warsaw - we are located in Ochota and Ursus districts. If you don't have time to pick it up in person, we can also send your photo poster by courier, you just need to call us and order the service. If you do not want to pay on delivery, we also allow you to pay online, cashless transaction is the most common form used by most of our customers.

The poster is usually done within one business day of ordering and sending us the guidelines. We strive to perform all kinds of printing services in the shortest possible time, we realize that our customers' time and comfort is a priority.

Remember that if you want to get the highest quality of print, then the poster sent to us for example for A4 format should be at least 8 megapixels and for A3 format at least 16 megapixels. If you want to print a collage with more photos on it, then their resolution may be much lower than the values we give you.


If you have any questions on the subject - Photo Poster Warsaw, please feel free to contact us by phone or visit one of our branches.