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Photo books

Photo Books

Albums filled with photos have accompanied us from our earliest years. In the past, conscientiously filled up, they became an indispensable element of building memories. Today, instead of albums, our photographs land in virtual folders. The traditional form is slowly being replaced by a modern one, i.e. photo books.

Is a wedding photo book a good idea?

Of course it is! Photographs from that event are of great sentimental value so it is worth framing them in an original way. A wedding photo-album is a wonderful keepsake for the whole life. We can design it according to our own ideas. It is also a great idea for a gift for the Newlyweds. If we took a lot of nice photographs from the wedding and the reception, we can create such a modern album from them. Such a wedding photo book will be a nice thank you for a great time at the wedding and a keepsake for the newlyweds. Preserve your shared moments in the form of a photo book together with Strefa Xero in Warsaw.

Photo-album - Your memories in one place

Sometimes we have 20 photos from vacation that we want to develop, but there are few albums that have space for a dozen or so photos. If we do find such albums, they are not aesthetically pleasing, usually with a soft cover. A photo book is a perfect solution if you want to keep a few photos but bind them in a unique way. A photo-album can be created according to our preferences and sense of aesthetics. We can caption the images and title the first page. Additionally, traditional photo albums tend to fall out and get lost. Often such an album circulates among our relatives. Sometimes, an aunt from America wants to take our picture from the wedding cake, an uncle also needs to have his own as a souvenir, we take one to work to show our colleagues and in this way our album becomes thinner and thinner. At first we don't feel bad, because we can always develop the photos again. However, it often happens that we do not do this and our beautiful album is defective and lies in the closet for years.

Photobook is a memory transferred on a sheet of paper.

Photo book - Warsaw - you are welcome to use the services of Strefa Xero!

Photobooks Warsaw fast

Usually you can choose between two types of photo books: Soft binding, size 23x23 cm, and hard cover, sizes 20x20 cm, 30x30 cm and 30x42 cm. The hardcover distinguishes between black and white photo books. In addition, the cover material imitates leather and the inside of the photo book is printed on thicker gloss paper 170-250 weight. Standalone photo books are printed double-sided.

We produce the photo book based on the images we receive from the client. The number of pages depends on the number of photos that the client has selected for the photo book. The number of pages can be from 20 to 60, or more if the client wishes so. In the best option, the photo book looks best when the number of images is twice as many as the number of pages. We will print your photo book after you have selected your desired design. If you choose a softcover photo book, we can also place one of your images on the cover of the photo book.

Wedding photo book

First of all a photo book is an extraordinary souvenir that adds special charm to any occasion. You can choose from many different types of cover and paper for the inside of your photo book. What kind of photo books do we offer?

  • -A photo book is an ideal family heirloom. Time spent together with your children, family celebrations, vacations - all commemorated in one album. In addition, the photos can be captioned with comments from the whole family. It's a unique souvenir that will last for years.

  •  - Wedding photo books - wedding and reception, each of us wants to have a souvenir of this day printed in a nice frame. A photo book is just such a solution. Photos from the wedding, ceremony and blessing placed in one album, signed by you right after receiving the photo book. It is an extraordinary souvenir to which you can return at any time.

  • - Baby photo book - birth, christening, communion, confirmation and individual birthdays, all in one unique photo book. The child grows so quickly, it is worth keeping these moments in the form of photographs and be able to return to them at any time.

  • - School photo book - a souvenir of education, kindergarten, pupil, then student, photos with professors, first acquaintances and friends, as well as school loves. Such a book with photos is an ideal base of memories, to which it is worth returning at any time.

  •  -Travel Photo Book - If you travel a lot and like exploring new places, then this photo book is the perfect gift for you. An album with photographs of unique places, captions of visited cities, monuments, newly met friends. Such a photo book is an ideal gift for yourself.

  • -Photo Books for All Occasions - A photo album is a gift for both you and your loved ones. After all, any occasion is a good time to create such an album.

  • -Photocalendar - in our offer we also enable printing photographs in the form of author's calendar. You can design the calendar individually according to your preferences. Just send us your idea and we will take care of its realization

Online photo book

Our branches are located at two points in Warsaw, in Ochota and Ursus. However, if you would prefer to produce your photo book online, then all you need to do is place your order online via our website https://strefaxero.pl/zamow-on-line, describe the parameters you have set, and send us an email. Then we will contact you by telephone to discuss all the details of your photo book printing. If you don't have time to collect your photo book in person, we can also deliver your finished photo book via courier. This photo book is the perfect idea both as a souvenir and as a gift for family, friends, and on other occasions.

Processing time depends on the number of images, materials sent, and the selected design of the photo book. We do our best to fulfill each order with the greatest care and precision, and at the same time to make it as fast as possible.

Photobook Warsaw

A photo book is more than just an ordinary photo album. This way of presenting your photos is a completely different format of photographs, thanks to which you can preserve your memories for a long time, in the best possible form and quality. Whether it's your wedding, christening, trip, or any other occasion that you want to remember for a lifetime. The photo book is the perfect solution and a keepsake in a personalized style

Photobook price

The price of a photo book depends on many factors, such as the cover you choose, the design of your photo book, the number of pages, and the number of images printed on it. We set the price of your photo book individually depending on the solutions you choose, and we always strive to match the price so that each of our clients is satisfied with the execution, the quality of service, and the price offered. If you are looking for a printing house that will fulfil your order in an individual, fast and qualitatively best way, you are in the right place. Xero Photobook Zone Warsaw. You are welcome.