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An important conference is approaching, and you are wondering if it is worth investing in printing ID cards? We should not belittle the role of this rectangular cardboard box, because contrary to appearances, it fulfills many useful functions.

Why are badges so important at conferences?

Przede wszystkim usprawnią proces rejestracji i zapisów gości oraz umożliwiają kontrolę wejść i wyjść. Jest to również forma weryfikacji uczestników. Jak wiadomo, nigdy nie zna się wszystkich obecnych, a więc identyfikatory pozwalają na szybsze poznanie nowych klientów.

Drukowanie identyfikatorów – czy warto? Podpowiadamy!

First of all, they will improve the process of registration and registration of guests and allow you to control entries and exits. It is also a form of verification of participants. As you know, you never know everyone who is present, so identifiers allow you to get to know new customers faster.

 ID printing - is it worth it? We advise!

Sometimes it turns out that printing badges is beneficial - especially during conferences, when you can avoid many misunderstandings or embarrassing situations thanks to them. Sometimes it happens that the provisions of the GDPR come into force and it is not always possible to print identifiers, so you should read the internal regulations, which will clearly define the attitude of the company or event to such identifiers. We tend to use badges to simplify many things, even without a photo.

Each conference generates costs, and did you come up with the idea to print the ID cards yourself? Unfortunately, this is not the best idea. Here you should not save. Amateur badges are easy to recognize and will not be the right showcase for your business. In addition, printing them at home will take a long time. During large print runs, household appliances often break down, paper jams, and the colors come in different saturation. Order the printing of IDs by specialists. You will be sure that they will be performed reliably and professionally. Print badges - Warsaw - only in the Xero Zone! Trust our experience.

Identyfikatory a RODO

Identifiers and GDPR There are many professions where employees must wear badges. Many employers ask themselves whether employee badges break the law in connection with the introduction of the EU regulation. Can they contain the name, surname and photo of our employee? It all depends on the regulations of a given company. It is possible to put photos of employees on ID badges. It should be checked whether the obligation to have them results from the internal regulations of a given company. In this case, the consent given by the employee resulting from the provisions of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights or the fulfillment of the condition for data processing, i.e. the legitimate interest of the enterprise in connection with the wearing of identifiers by employees, is important.



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