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Boards with taping

PVC printing

Some printouts need to be properly protected or finished. The Xero zone meets the customer's expectations - we will create a perfect print for you with the use of a rigid substrate for higher strength. We offer printing on foam or PVC plate. These are methods that have been used for years to protect the product and increase its aesthetic value. We know this very well at our points in Warsaw.

What is the difference between printing on foam and printing on PVC?

PVC foam printing

Printing on foamed PVC is printing on a plate made of foamed polyvinyl chloride. Contrary to ordinary foam, it is a resistant and durable product. It is not afraid of unfavorable weather conditions. Printing on PVC allows you to create products resistant to rain and UV rays, which is why it works well at outdoor exhibitions, while maintaining its original form and color saturation. Printing on PVC creates products that can also be used indoors. They differ in greater stiffness than the use of ordinary foam. PVC foam printing - durability and versatility in one.

Sometimes it turns out that printing badges is beneficial - especially during conferences, when you can avoid many misunderstandings or embarrassing situations thanks to them. Sometimes it happens that the provisions of the GDPR come into force and it is not always possible to print identifiers, so you should read the internal regulations, which will clearly define the attitude of the company or event to such identifiers. We tend to use badges to simplify many things, even without a photo.

Print on foam

The foam is a stiff board that is very light. It has a core of foamed polyurethane. Its stiffening is obtained by covering it with matte cardboard. Printing on foam allows you to create products dedicated to the interior - they are not suitable for outdoor use. It is used to make posters, maps, information and advertising boards, educational boards or to stiffen photos. It will work when you are planning an exhibition or event. It is a perfect decoration for home, office and living room. It is an interesting gift idea or a gadget for weddings / birthdays. Printing on the foam allows you to obtain photos and drawings of very high quality. It is a less resistant method than printing on foamed PVC. For greater durability, we offer a laminating and foiling service.

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