College is not only about discounts, parties till the morning and joy of not being under the supervision of parents. It is, above all, years of hard study, difficult exams and hectoliters of drunk coffee.

Strefa Xero knows very well that writing a diploma paper is no mean feat. You need: one title, a lot of sacrifices, many books, a few tears, a few articles, a bit of mobilization and a pinch of advice from the promoter. If you have survived the hard time of writing, and your entire knowledge has been poured onto the sheets of paper, then you have nothing left to do but three things:

printing your thesis
celebrating your graduation


In the last two points, you will do just fine without our help, and in the first point, we are specialists. We print theses and offer bindings, covers, both binding and hard binding of theses. The prices are attractive.

Strefa Xero Printing House - we offer cheap printing of diploma theses and documents in Warsaw! Printing theses in Warsaw.
Printing diploma theses Warsaw.
We will realize for you:

printing thesis,
printing thesis,
Bachelor thesis printing,
printing engineering theses,
printing doctoral theses.
The scope of our services also includes binding of theses. It can be hard or soft binding. Thesis bindings are chosen by the students.

Master Thesis Printing Warsaw

To be able to defend yourself, you must first write and then submit your master's thesis. Only then you can take the exam and enjoy your graduation. We know that theses usually have at least a few dozen pages, on which, in addition to the text, there are charts, photos, figures and many more additions to the content.

Printing the thesis on a home computer might not be highly efficient. It would take too much time and the quality would not be satisfactory either. Therefore, to ensure the best possible quality, we recommend you to use our services.

Thanks to us, printing bachelor's and master's theses will be easy and will go quickly.

Are you interested in printing thesis Warsaw? Check out our print shop.

Bachelor thesis printing Warsaw

The master's or bachelor's thesis is the most important work, which the student has to write in his career at the university.

It is very important to have the right kind of thesis, and it is very important to have the right kind of thesis. Of course, it is important to write it well, so that it is substantive, correct in terms of language, spelling, punctuation. The student takes care of all this.

We will help them to get their bachelor's thesis in the best form, we will print it and take care of its high quality.

We welcome all students who want to submit their papers for printing. We ensure that our printouts are of high quality and attractive price. Also the waiting time for the printouts is not exorbitant. The printing process itself is short, so you do not have to wait long to receive your documents.

Thesis binding is also an important issue that you should not forget about. Thesis binding is included in the scope of our services.

Undergraduate thesis printing - is it worth it?

You have three years of hard study behind you. Do you think that it is the end of exams? Nothing more mistaken! There are majors after which the knowledge of the bachelor's degree is enough to get a job, but if you want to go for a master's degree - you have to defend yourself.

Printing an engineering thesis - is it worth it?

You decided not to go for a bachelor's degree and proudly announced to your family that in 3.5 years you will become Mr. or Mrs. Engineer? Great decision! However, we have bad news for you, if you want to sign your emails with the title Eng - you need to defend yourself.

Master thesis printing - is it worth it?

5 years of study, when it passed! Perhaps you have already found a job in your profession and you don't need the paper, but wasn't it for those sleepless nights to announce to the whole world - I am a Master!

So is it worth it?

Of course it's worth it, but most of all - you deserve that MA before your name.

Printing a dissertation - is it worth it?
Here you rather have no choice, you just have to.

The team of Strefa Xero in Warsaw wishes all graduates professional success.

We invite you to take advantage of our services.

We offer thesis printing in Warsaw.
Diploma thesis printing Warsaw 24 h
Diploma thesis printing is one thing, of course - the most important. The most important thing is to be able to take the diploma exam, print out your thesis and submit it to the appropriate university unit. Each university also has its own formal requirements for preparing the thesis for printing, as well as for how it should look in terms of editing.

For example - what should be on the first pages. Of course, for the student and for us, as those who will print the work, it is important that nothing "staggers" or shifts during printing.

Therefore, we recommend that you bring your files in PDF format, not DOC. which may look different on each computer.

You should also take care of the margins, so that when printing double-sided, you can comfortably bind the work without trimming the text. You also need to remember that the margins should be done correctly, so that they are always evenly set.

Cheap thesis printing Warsaw and surroundings
Printing bachelor's, master's, engineering or doctoral thesis in Warsaw - cheap and good! Only with us. Our printing house cares about the quality of prints and attractive price of the service.

Our services, in addition to printing, also include thesis binding. Binding works, which are available with us, are a variety of covers.

Soft binding with the inscription diploma thesis, bachelor thesis, master thesis, engineering thesis, doctoral thesis,
soft binding,
binding (this is a soft cover),
binding with the university logo.
Many students choose a binding that is hard bound, usually with an inscription. The choice of binding may depend on the requirements of the university, but often the student is free to choose the binding himself.

So if you want your law to look elegant and professional, hard binding is a better idea than binding.

The binding or bindings are done as soon as the paper is printed and after the student has chosen the binding.

The price of binding and printing the work is not exorbitant. Xero Zone Printing House - printing of documents, papers, binding of papers.

Make the choice of binding your work and take advantage of the attractive price of our services.

Black and white printing
Volume / Format A4 A3 SRA3
1 - 100 0,18 0,36 0,72
101 - 250 0,16 0,32 0,64
251 - 500 0,14 0,28 0,56
501 - 1000 0,12 0,24 0,48
1001 - 2000 0,10 0,20 0,40
powyżej 2000 0,09 0,18 0,36
* druk dwustronny - ilość stron x 2 / cena x 2
Color printing
Volume / Format A4 A3 SRA3
1 - 10 2,00 4,00 8,00
11 - 30 1,70 3,40 6,80
31 - 50 1,50 3,00 6,00
51 - 100 1,30 2,60 5,20
101 - 200 0,85 1,70 3,40
201 - 500 0,75 1,50 3,00
501 - 1000 0,65 1,30 2,60
1001 - 2000 0,55 1,10 2,20
over 2000 0,50 1,00 2,00

* double-sided printing - number of pages x 2 / price x 2


Cover / Number of pages > 95 96 - 125 126 - 150 151 - 300 
hardbound with inscription 12,00 15,00 15,00 20,00
soft (g. plastic) 5,00 7,00 9,00 12,00
soft (g. metal) 7,00 9,00 12,00 15,00
soft (glued) 7,00 9,00 13,00 17,00
soft (canal) 8,00 12,00 14,00 20,00
soft (college cover) 15,00 17,50 20,00 25,00

* promotional prices while printing a job

* binding without printing + 3.00

* binding with drawings + 10,00 per one strip

* ponowne otwieranie oprawy twardej 10,00

CD / DVD Disc + recording Sticker for disc Etui na płytę
2,50 / 5,00 5,00 / 7,50 10,50 3,50

* each additional sticker on a disc 3.50

* self-adhesive clear case for discs

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