Main features of the product/service:

  • we make stamps in two technologies. Flash in 5 minutes and lasered on the second day
  • we can also make a simple design of the stamp while you wait
  • available models of stamps by manufacturers Wagraf, Modico, Colop, Trodat
  • available reflection colors: black, blue, red, green
  • the stamps can be rectangular, square, round and oval
  • the offer also includes large wooden stamps on a peg or metal date stamps
  • the most common stamps we make are: company stamps, name stamps, medical stamps, date stamps, with the right to practice a profession, for the office


Flash stamps


Name Size (mm) Price (brutto)
Wagraf A2 38,5 x 13 50,00
Wagraf A3 47,5 x 17 55,00
Wagraf A4 57,5 x 23 65,00
* stamp design from 35.00pln
Wagraf flat (pocket) machine
Name Size (mm) Price (brutto)
Pudełko nr. 30 38,5 x 13 50,00
Pudełko nr. 31 47,5 x 17 55,00
Pudełko nr. 32 57,5 x 23 65,00

* stamp design from 35.00pln

Stamps in Modico cases
Name Size (mm) Price (brutto)
Modico 6 62,5 x 32,5 75,00
Modico 5 64 x 24,5 70,00
Modico R45 średnica 42 80,00
Modico 4 57 x 20 65,00
Modico 3 49 x 15 60,00

* stamp design from 35.00pln

Name Size (mm) Price (brutto)
Modico NOMO NOMO 49 x 18,5 60,00

* stamp design from 35.00 00zł

EOS 40 60 x 24 65,00
EOS 30 51x19 55,00
EOS 20 39x15 50,00
EOS 12 64x9 65,00
EOS 10 28x14 48,00
EOS fi17 17x17 50,00
EOS fi45 30x30 65,00
EOS 45 82x26 90,00
EOS 60 76x38 90,00
EOS R45 (round) diameter 45mm 85,00
Mouse 20 38x14 50,00
Mouse 30 47x18 50,00

* stamp design from 35.00pln

Traditional stamps


Name Size (mm) Price (brutto)
Wagraf B4s 58 x 23,5 70,00
Wagraf B3s 45,5 x 17 60,00
Wagraf B2s 37 x 13,5 55,00
Wagraf B1s 27 x 10 50,00
Wagraf B17s 68x10 60,00
Wagraf fi10 diameter 11,5 50,00

* stamp design from 35.00pln

Date stamps
Name Size (mm) Price (brutto)
Wagraf Huzar D80 68 x 48 393,00
Wagraf Huzar D140 56 x 34 275,00
Wagraf Huzar D30 43 x 30 263,00
Datuś 46x25 35,00
Colop s160 25x13 40,00

* stamp design from 35.00pln




















Express stamps

Have you recently established your company, but have not yet made a stamp? Your first invoice is coming up and you don't have anything to stamp it with? Be sure to look around for a service such as express stamps. If you need a perfectly matched stamp, apply to our company, which offers not only fast, but also comprehensive service, and thanks to it in a few hours you will receive your dreamed and already needed stamp. Our advantage is also the fact that we have a very good location for all residents of the capital.
Wagraf stamps - prices

In our printing house, one of the products that is very popular are Wagraf stamps. Prices depend on what type of stamp you choose, the final size. Among our proposals are stamps with A2, A3 and A4 markings. Their size in turn is 40x15 mm, 49x19 mm and 60x23 mm. So these are not small stamps, surely each of them will fit the name of your company and its basic data, which are necessary when signing some documents!
Stamps on a peg Warsaw

Are you looking for good quality stamps for your company, but at the same time do not want to spend a fortune on them? Are you interested in stamps on a peg? Warsaw offers quite a choice when it comes to the manufacture of such stamps, but you will find the best products with us, that is, in the praised and promoted Xero Zone. We make stamps of really good quality, and at the same time in a very short time, so you can get your stamp very quickly. In addition to stamps on a peg, we also offer round, wooden, oval stamps made in two technologies.
Doctor stamp Warsaw

Doctors very often use stamps in their work. When signing prescriptions or recommendations, they necessarily stamp them with their title, name and the number of their authorization to practice medicine and give advice on human health. Are you starting your work as a doctor and interested in a medical stamp? Warsaw is an excellent place where you can make the stamp you are interested in in a very short time. Our company is a sensational option for doctors who want to get their stamp expressly!
Express stamp making

Are you looking for a company where express stamp making is offered? If so, we recommend our xero zone in Warsaw! The stamps we offer are mainly rectangular, round, square and oval stamps. We have no shortage of stamps from Wargraf, Colop, Modico and Trodat brands. Reflection colors we offer are black, red, green and blue. also offers wooden stamps on a peg and special date stamps, which are great for many institutions and businesses
Cheap stamps Warsaw

Flash system technology has many advantages, here are the most important ones:

The flash system technology has many advantages, here are the most important ones:

    advanced stamp preparation technology,
    making stamps in a shortened time while maintaining the highest quality - "stamps at hand",
    best durability thanks to the use of Modico and Wagraf frames,
    clean and ecological production technology,
    stamps do not need to soak in ink and reverse the reflection mechanism after use,
    ease of replacing the rubber of the stamp,
    cheap stamp manufacturing due to simplified production process,
    the stamp visually looks better than the classic version,
    one company stamp is able to make up to 25,000 impressions.

Company stamp Warsaw

We realize that stamps are an indispensable tool in any company, institution or office. This is an item of everyday use, which is required to be trouble-free for many years, which is why its precise manufacturing is so important.

Our company offers the highest quality, so visit one of our points in Warsaw and stock up on company stamps!

With us you will receive company stamps right away. Warsaw is the area of our activity, you are welcome.

Why make stamps with us?

We have over 10 years of experience, and express stamping is our specialty. We guarantee that your company stamp will be made for you in a few moments!

We offer stamps on the spot, without queues and wasting time. All this, of course, at an attractive price. Our company is distinguished by the highest level of services offered, in connection with this we make stamps with the best flash technology "flash system".

This is a popular worldwide method that allows you to produce stamps in record time! We create them in a high resolution of 600 dpi, so you can put even very small elements on them - without worrying that they will be blurred or invisible.

If you are interested in stamps Warsaw, you will get them from us right away. We care about the satisfaction of our customers.
Online stamp Warsaw

We make stamps expressly. Warsaw is the area of our activity. Products that you can order from our store include self-inking machine, flat pocket machine or date stamp.

In addition, corporate stamps in Modico and Wagraf frames are enriched with another item - nomo stamp extremely appreciated by customers. The main advantage of the product is its pocket size and moderate price.

The white color of the surface of the frame, which has been finished in "high gloss", also adds to its elegance. Customers will also be pleased with the performance of this type of stamp (up to 20,000 impressions) and the length of its service life - up to 7 years.

It is nomo stamps that can make stamping a sheer pleasure.

If you are interested in our offer - we invite you to our points in Warsaw, where express stamp making takes place. For the sake of your precious time we offer stamps in 5 minutes! We provide attractive prices. Possible delivery to a selected address.
Stamps 24h Warsaw

When it comes to stamps, it is well known how important they are in the operation of a company. Their precision, quality and speed are very important, as well as how they make prints.

For stamps with company data to be valid, all the necessary company data must be clearly imprinted on the document.

Therefore, with us you can order a stamp that perfectly fits these requirements. We have a wide selection of models. You can order a stamp with the text of your choice, company data, personal information and position or other data as you need.

Wondering if stamps are a relatively modern product?

Well, it might seem so, but it's not quite so. Stamps are not associated with modernity, although today we often use them and they seem to be mandatory in many situations. So what time does the history of stamps date back to, and when did they begin to look the way we know them well today?

Today, stamps are handy little tools that we use to sign documents or contracts. The road they went through to present themselves in this way today is quite long, and their history goes back as far as a thousand years. Indeed, that's how old some of the stamps we know today are.

So let's start from the beginning. The exact date of the first use of a stamp, a stamp is not known. However, it is accepted that the first stamp was a shell reflected in stone. Initially, all stamps took the form of seals.

The former seal, unlike stamps, was convex. It was a form of security for, for example, writings or letters and was a guarantee that they had not been tampered with or altered by an unauthorized person.

Seals were made as early as the Stone Age, copper, bronze and metal. Initially they had only a practical function, but over time they began to become true works of art. They began to reflect the dexterity and ingenuity of the people who lived in the era.

The binding and finishing of seals became more and more beautiful and interesting. As early as 3,000 B.C., people marked vessels on the rim to confirm their originality and to indicate who the maker was. Thus, seals at that time were a sign of the creator, who marked his creations by stamping on their surface.

Going further, it is worth noting that in the countries of the Middle East, Mesopotamia and Egypt in the 4th millennium BC, cylindrical seals were often used. They yielded a design that often depicted scenes from the daily life of the people of the time. How were such seals created?

At first, the sides of the piston were engraved in precious stone, and then the resulting design was stamped on a plate of soft clay

Of course, over time the appearance of seals, their function and the way they were reproduced changed. Still, the piston - a stamp framed in an appropriate way - was the most important. It was made of bronze, iron, brass, steel, and sometimes silver or gold.

The function of these seals also changed over time. For example, in China in the 11th century, stamps were made of stone. They were used to authenticate documents. In the 12th century, rulers marked decrees with stamps: contracts or confirmations of declarations of war. Stamps differed depending on the document they were intended to confirm.

The first surviving Polish seal is that of Mieszko II's wife, Rycheza. The seal dates roughly from the year 1025-1034. It is worth mentioning 0 that in the 13th century on the seal of Przemyslaw II for the first time appeared the image of a crowned eagle. This mark was used until the period of the Partitions of Poland.

However, not only rulers had their seals. Knights also had them - here the coat of arms of a particular knight was most often displayed.
Stamps in 5 minutes Warsaw

Stamps - Warsaw.

We offer a wide range of stamps for companies, entrepreneurs, officials. You can personalize the stamp, matching it to your requirements and expectations and the specifics of your company.

We process orders quickly - you can place orders via the website or directly at our point in Warsaw.

Fulfillment and delivery of your order is fast, even the same day you can pick up your order.

We also offer stamps ready in 5 minutes - express realization.

Each order is made with attention to detail, such as ink, design, placement of the required data, the quality of the imprint and the overall performance of the product. We offer name, pocket and standard stamps.

Our services are at a high level, and the turnaround time is short. Delivery in Warsaw and other Polish cities is possible.

Online stamps - Warsaw and surrounding areas. Large selection of products. You are sure to find a stamp to suit your needs and the needs of your business.
Stamps in 5 minutes

Are you short on time and could use stamps in 5 minutes? You got it! You can actively influence the design of your stamp. You can choose the font, layout and specify other details. This will help you avoid mistakes. In addition, you can put any graphic or logo or your slogan on the stamp. Check out our offer and get your stamps in 5 minutes at a very attractive price. We use only high quality materials and the latest technology to produce stamps and seals for your company, institution or for private use.
Stamps Warsaw City Center

Do you need good quality stamps? Warsaw Center is just a stone's throw from Ochota or Ursus, where you can pick up or order about to pick up your stamps. We make them at an express pace - even in five minutes, so if you need them "on the spot", all the more reason to visit our point. Two groups of people who visit us most often are students who are trying to photocopy textbooks or notes, or people who remembered while filling out company documents that they don't have a stamp. Warsaw Center is a good place to reach us!





Warsaw Bielany stamps

Do you need good quality stamps? Warsaw Bielany is just a stone's throw from Ochota or Ursus, where you can pick up or order and pick up your stamps. We make them at an express pace - even in five minutes, so if you need them "for now", check our point even more. The two groups of people who visit us most often are students who try to photocopy textbooks or notes, or people who recall when filling in company documents that they do not have a stamp. Warszawa Bielany is a good point to reach us!