Photos for documents

Strefa Xero offers document photo printing. Especially for you, we will make:

  • printing photos for identity cards

  • printing photos for the passport,

  • printing photos for school ID,

  • printing photos for student ID,

  • printing of photos for a visa,

  • printing photos for the diploma,

  • printing of photos for the driving license.
  • Printing of photos for documents is made in the required dimensions by the Polish state.


Below are the photo sizes for individual documents

  • ID card 35mm x45 mm,
  • Driving license 35mm x45 mm,
  • Diploma 45mm x 65 mm,
  • Passport 35mm x 45 mm,
  • Visa 50mm x 50mm
  • 35mm x45mm student ID card.

  • Fast Photo to Document Printing? Only in StrefaXero in Warsaw!

  • Printing photos for documents is one of the fastest steps in obtaining an ID card or driving license. Below we have collected a few tips on how to prepare to take such a photo.

  1. If you wear glasses, you do not need to remove them as long as they do not reflect the light from the photographer's lamp.
  2. You cannot wear lenses that change the color of your eyes - you must wear neutral lenses or take them off when taking photos.
  3. You can take a photo with facial hair as long as it does not completely change your facial features, which may make it difficult to recognize you.
  4. You can wear a hat if your religion requires it. The condition is that it does not cover your face.
  5. If you have serious congenital or acquired vision defects - you can wear dark glasses. In this case, it is necessary to provide a certificate of disability with the application.
  6. It is not necessary to remove jewelry, as long as it does not disturb the proportions of your face
  7. Remember that the photo must be up-to-date - take it no earlier than six months before submitting the application.
  8. You cannot have any accessories or items in the photo that will make it difficult to recognize you in the photo.
  9. The entire oval of your face and the line of your ears must be exposed.

Do you care about express printing of a photo for documents? We invite you to one of our two points in Warsaw.