Office Supplies

Our company has been helping enterprises and individual clients for many years. We offer a wide range of services, incl. large format photocopying, printing, laminating, and scanning. We care about the complexity of our implementation, which is why our points are full of office supplies that will help organize and store documents. Among them are:


  • folders,
  • binders,
  • workbooks,
  • soft and hard files,
  • plain A4 and A3 paper,
  • hard paper.

We know that good organization helps in effective work. It is therefore worth stocking up on folders and binders, thanks to which:

  • we easily find the information, documents and contracts which we need, without having to search for long in drawers
  • we add new documents to it, and in the event of an overfilled binder, we always have an empty one at hand,
  • we create logical categories, e.g. arranged in color, alphabetically or by divisions,
  • our documents do not take up too much space, because we manage the available space economically (we do not store several sheets of paper in a large binder, but we translate them, for example, into a workbook),
  • We are sure that important contracts / letters are safe and are not at risk of getting dirty or crumpled,
  • we can easily find a document from a few years ago and in the opposite situation - having a document with an earlier date, we know without thinking where to hide it,
  • and most importantly - we can easily guide another person to find the selected document for us.

  Regarding to binders, it is worth choosing their appropriate size so that it is best fulfilled by its functions. Remember that in    full binders our documents could crumple, whereas empty binders generate too much space. These types of office supplies        not only have to help us organize contracts, but also aesthetically landscaped place on the shelf.

     In addition to binders and folders in managing documents, other accessories available at our points in Warsaw will also help:

  • We are easily needed information, documents and contracts, without the need for a long search in drawers,
  • add new documents to it, and in the case of a binder overflow, we always have empty at hand,
  • we create logical categories, eg colored, alphabetically, or departments,
  • our documents do not take too much space, because we economically manage the available space (we do not store a few sheets of paper in a large binder, but we translate them, for example, this workbook),
  • we are sure that important agreements / scriptures are safe and do not threaten them to get dirty and detachment,
  • we can easily find a document from a few years ago and in the reverse situation - having a document with an earlier date, without thinking, we know where to hide it, and the most important - we easily guide a different person to find a selected document for us.


Win the battle for the happiness of your desk! Stock up on plastic folders and see your documents segregate on their own.


Foils are a true friend of every office. They protect documents against dirt and flooding with morning coffee. We offer soft and hard foil.

A4 and A3 plain paper and also thick paper

It is worth entrusting the preparation of letterhead to professionals. We are at your service. By the way, we will also supply printer paper.


Are you looking for a professional printing house that will meet your requirements and ideas? If so, you have come to the right place. Our printing house Strefa Xero has its points in Warsaw, a city where innovative ideas are born every day. In our printing house you can perform offset printing as well as digital printing. What distinguishes us from others is the excellent print quality, fast service delivery time and many orders that we can easily execute for our clients. Office supplies store Warsaw. Providing high quality services, we can carry out many orders - both those with high expenditures and, inter alia, printing of books, magazines, leaflets and posters. In our printing house, you can also order us to print your diploma thesis and its binding. Thanks to the machines that work for us, we can achieve excellent print quality. We cordially invite you to use our services offered by our Warsaw printing house. Visit us and try our offset printing - you will find us at two points in Warsaw - Ochota and Ursus.

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Office supplies Warsaw stationary store

Are you looking for a photocopying service at attractive prices in Warsaw? You have come to the right place! Our Strefa Xero has been offering its clients the highest quality photocopying services for over 10 years. Your satisfaction is our priority, we are not afraid of any of your ideas. We consistently expand the scope of our services and place emphasis on the best qualified staff and modern technologies. We provide photocopying services in A4-A3 and A3-A0 + formats. Photocopying is one of the most frequently chosen services by our clients. We offer color and black and white photocopying. We take care of the durability and intensity of the colors of the copied documents, using the best quality inks available on the market. The paper weights you can find with us are:

  • standard 80g paper
  • premium paper 120g
  • matte coated paper 120g
  • 180g matte coated paper
  • glossy 240g photo paper
  • tracing paper

What else does our copy shop offer? You can frame your diploma thesis, order a stamp, scan documents, bind a book, print a document from an e-mail as standard, or stock up on small office supplies such as a workbooks, foils, or folders.

Office supplies warehouse Warsaw

We obtain our articles from the best wholesalers in Warsaw. The prices we offer will not undermine your budget, and the quality of our services at the highest level will satisfy your expectations. Our goal is to meet all customer expectations, which is why we care both about the quality of the orders received and for our customer to feel special. For this reason, we have introduced special promotions for people who have entered into permanent cooperation with us. The Xero Zone is a team of passionate and energetic employees who have been serving their clients for 11 years. We have already been trusted by thousands of customers, if you decide to join their group, we have very attractive one’s for you terms of cooperation. You will get discounts that are not available to other customers, but that's not all! You will be the first to be informed about new promotions and discounts. Do you want to become our regular customer and take advantage of the convenient opportunities? Please contact us by e-mail - do not hesitate, the promotions are ongoing!


Office supplies Warsaw cheap

We are a long-term, professional printing house located in Warsaw and its surroundings. We are not afraid of new challenges, and our many years of experience allow us to implement projects in the best quality - we know everything about printing. We serve individual clients as well as medium and large companies. If you need help with the implementation of your order, you are not sure of your decisions or you have several ideas for one project, we are here to advise you on the best possible at each stage of your order. We provide our many years of experience and proficiency in the subject of xero. Do not worry about costs, we set the time and cost of each order individually, and the larger the order, the lower the price on our part! Interesting? Office supplies Warsaw Targówek. We encourage you to cooperate! Our points are in Warsaw, Ochota and Ursynów. You can also use our online services and process your entire order with us.


School and office supplies Warsaw

We know how much effort you have to put into your own education in order to be able to successively climb the steps of the future professional career. Every day we are visited by pupils and students who print, commission us to bind their diploma theses, laminate and photocopy tons of notes! Students are our unique clients. We have all kinds of promotions, discounts and rebates at their disposal, so that student life does not have to be based only on learning and spending all savings to obtain materials appropriate for this study. You show us your student ID and we give you a helping hand in the form of promotional prices. Visit us in Ochota or Ursus in Warsaw or get in touch by phone and get all the materials you need online.