Main features of the product/service:

  • we make scans in color
  • scan at the maximum resolution of 600 dpi
  • automatic scanning at up to 130 A4 sheets per minute
  • we scan office documents, books, mostly content
  • we save the scan on all known types of media
  • scanned files can be sent by e-mail or made available via our public or confidential network drive
  • save scanned files in pdf
Automatic scanning OCR - (text recognition)
Volume / Format A4
1 page 3,00
2 - 5 3,00
6 - 10 2,00
11 - 20 1,50
21 - 50 1,00
51 - 100 0,50
101 - 250 0,35
251- 500 0,20
over 1000 0,12
Scanning from the OCR glass - (Text Recognition)
Volume / Format A4
1 page 4,00
2 - 5 3,00
6 - 10 2,50
11 - 20 1,50
21 - 50 1,00
51 - 100 0,75
101 - 500 0,50
501  - 1000 0,35
over 1000 0,20
* service available at "Grójecka 76" branch

Strefa Xero offers a comprehensive range of services to its customers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer on the website or in our printing offices in Warsaw.

Each of us sometimes urgently needs an electronic version of a paper document or a contract. At home we are not always able to obtain it. For this reason, the Xero Zone comes to help! Your problem will be solved using scanning technology. The offered OCR scanning service allows us to obtain a fully editable text file for our customers. Thanks to this you can process the scanned document, add notes and comments, send it anywhere in the world at any time and print it. We save the document in PDF, doc (Word) or xlsx (Excel) format - it all depends on your wishes. We scan documents of any format up to a maximum width of 1067 mm and save them on CD or other portable media. We provide this service both for single documents and for larger batches.

The method we use is called text scanning OCR (Optical CharacterRecognition), which means computer recognition of document text. It is a technique used all over the world and very popular among small and larger companies. In our work we use equipment of such brands as Contex, Oce, Xerox and an innovative large format scanner - HD Ultra Contex


With the OCR scanning technique Strefa Xero does not take responsibility for the compatibility between the electronic and paper document, because our staff performs the work with automatic recognition and recording by a computer program. The customer, ordering such a service is obliged to check the conformity of the file with the original.

We have been operating on the Polish market for many years and we are specialists in our field. Take advantage of our services and join the thousands of satisfied customers. We invite you to Strefa Xero in Warsaw!