Main features of the product/service:

  • the service is carried out in our two service points located in Warsaw
    in most cases the service is provided on the spot
    photocopying and printing available in black & white and color
    printing and photocopying available as single and double-sided printing
    enlargement and reduction of copied and printed documents possible
    we offer a wide range of media such as: rigid papers, decorative papers, self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive foils, carbon paper
    we provide self-service copying devices as well as computer stations for self-service printing from your own memory carrier and the Internet


Black and white copying/printing
Volume / Format A4 A3 SRA3
1 - 10 1,25 2,50 3,50
11 - 50 0,80 1,60 1,70
51 - 100 0,40 0,80 1,00
101 - 250 0,25 0,50 0,70
251 - 500 0,24 0,48 0,60
501 - 1000 0,23 0,46 0,50
copying from the glass 1-10 1,50 3,00 ---
copying from the glass 11-50 0,90 1,80 ---
copying from the glass 51-100 0,50 1,50 ---


What content can you deliver and copy at our outlets?

office documents,
offers, newsletters, books, notebooks,
business cards, posters, invitations, photos,
diplomas, awards, certificates.
What distinguishes us is also a wide range of available media. In addition to the standard white paper in A3, A4 or their versions in color we also have:

A4 and A3 tracing paper,
Projector foil A4,
Adhesive foil A4 transparent or white gloss,
Self-adhesive paper in A4 format,
Self-adhesive labels 4, 8 or 32 pcs. Labels for A4 format,
Labels for discs.
Comprehensive approach to the implementation is one of our principles. Therefore, in addition to binding works, printing, scanning or laminating documents we also offer photocopying in formats:

Photocopy A3 format,

A4 size photocopying.
We use the best inks on the market in order to ensure clear and long-lasting colors of copied documents. Moreover, we make photocopying services from black and white or color originals.

Photocopy format a3

A3 format is the second most popular format used not only in everyday life but also in professional work. With its help it is possible to present enlargements and create clear presentations of charts. It is used not only in the office, but also in schools, universities and government institutions. It is worth knowing that the surface of A3 is equal to 0.125 square meters, or 125 cm2. Its size is 297mm x 420mm. A sheet of A3 paper is equivalent to two sheets of A4 paper (area of 0,0625 square meters).

Photocopy format a4

With the exception of North America, photocopy format a4 is the most widely used format worldwide. Its dimensions are 210mm x 297mm. It is often associated with typical school notebooks. The size of A4 is equal to half a sheet of A3 paper. One A0 sheet (the largest standardized format) consists of 16 sheets of A4.

We invite you to use our A3 and A4 photocopying services in our Warsaw locations!