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Where can we find a student when he or she is not at the university? Of course, at the photocopying point! However, photocopying is not only the middle name of university students. If you are looking for a photocopying service at attractive prices in Warsaw, you have come to the right place!!

Strefa Xero has been offering for all customers the highest quality photocopying services for over 10 years. Our priority is the satisfaction of every customer, even the most demanding. We consistently expand our range of services and place emphasis on the best qualified staff and modern technologies. Trust our specialists. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer!!

The formats of the photocopying services provided by our company include:

  •  Xero A4-A3,
  • .Xero A3-A0+.

For simplicity, we present the dimensions of each format:

  • A3 format copier: width: 297mm, height: 420mm,
  • A2 photocopier format: width: 420mm, height: 594mm,
  • A1 photocopier format: width: 594mm, height: 841mm,
  • A0 photocopier format: width: 841mm, height: 1189mm..

Photocopying is one of the services most frequently chosen by our clients. We offer black and white also color photocopies to our visitors. We care about the intensity and durability of the colors of copied documents, which is why we use the best inks available on the market. 


In our offer of photocopiers, we pay attention to every detail, which is why we use only the highest quality paper. We offer our clients the following weights:

  • standard paper 80g,
  • premium paper 120g,
  • matte coated paper 120g
  • matte coated paper 180,
  • gloss photo paper 240g,
  • tracing paper.

Choosing the best option will allow you to copy a variety of content: design and construction documentation, technical drawings, maps, posters, posters, charts, construction projects.

Our photocopying point also includes:

  • binding of diploma theses,
  • stamps
  • scanning and laminating,
  • book binding and binding,
  • printing from e-mail
  • office supplies.


We are specialists in our field. We have already been trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.
See you in the Strefa Xero in Warsaw!

Photocopying Warsaw

Our xero Warsaw point has been operating for over 10 years. We provide photocopying services at the highest level. We serve both students and business clients. With us, you can make photocopies of school / university notes, business materials or training materials. Xerographic services Warsaw at our point Strefaxero is not only professional execution of the order, but also friendly service. Our branches are located in two points in Warsaw: in Ursus - ul. Gen. K. Sosnkowskiego 23 and in Ochota - ulGrójecka 76. Innovation is our main domain, so you can deliver orders in person, order the pick-up service from your office / apartment, or send us the project to a network drive and pick it up at one of the points, or order our courier who will deliver the package to your door. Most importantly - both the order and payment can be made online. We know what is the most important for our clients nowadays, which is why we try to meet them. 

Xero Print Warsaw

Strefa xero- Copy shop Warsaw is a point focused on the customer and his needs, which is why our offer of services is so extend. We provide photocopying services for the following formats: A4 - A3, as well as A3 - A0 +.  From 297mm x 210mm, up to 914mm x 1292mm. Photocopying services in Warsaw are one of the most frequently provided services. We enable copying in both color and black and white. The copier made in our store is characterized by the highest quality of printed materials, thanks to the use of the best inks and the best paper on the market.  


In our offer, in addition to a wide range of printing formats, you will also find paper weights suitable for your preferences: 

standard paper, on which most prints are made (including home-made ones), is standard paper with a weight of 80,  premium paper with a weight of 120, also available in the mat option, matte paper with a weight of 180, so called coated, i.e. paper additionally strengthened with the underlay paper overlay method, works well for prints requiring greater absorption, e.g. multicolored prints, 240 gram glossy photo paper, that is imagine, e.g. 3x 80g sheet of paper with extra gloss. 

 This paper is perfect for printing photos, both in small - A3 and large A0 + format. What distinguishes it from ordinary non-photographic paper? Photo paper differs in coverage, grammage, structure and density. It consists of three layers: image layer, backing layer and backing layer, so that customers who choose to print photos mainly consider this type of paper. The quality of the photos and the colors are as intense as we see in the camera. Tracing paper is usually 90/95, which is slightly thicker than a regular copier used at home or in the office. Tracing paper is a decorative paper format that is translucent, made of white cellulose, and most importantly, it does not turn yellow with time. Printing on such tracing paper is done in digital technology. Typically, carbon paper is used to print leaflets, invitations, posters - mainly wedding and advertising materials. 


Copy Point Warsaw 24h

We always try to provide our services on the spot, we can print designs as well color as black and white, one and double-sided. We also enable enlargement and reduction of scanned, printed and copied documents.

Photocopying Warsaw cheap

Photocopying services in Warsaw also offer a wide range of printing media. In addition to the previously mentioned papers, we also enable prints on: rigid, decorative papers, self-adhesive papers and self-adhesive foil, as well as on tracing paper. 

Photocopying services Warsaw

At our Xero Warsaw point, we also provide a self-service photocopying machine with a computer station. Therefore, you do not have to stand in a queue and wait for service, if you only need to make a photocopy of selected documents, print from a memory device, the Internet, or scan selected materials, and then print.  

Xero Warsaw Ursus

If you live or work in a different point of Warsaw than our stationary branches in Ursus and Ochota, we have a solution for you that will save time lost on commuting. We enable the option of uploading print materials to our network drive https://strefaxero.pl/kontakt/dysk-sieciowy  

Then, after uploading the file, you can go to online ordering https://strefaxero.pl/zamow-on-line and to online payment. 

 If you cannot show up at our stationary facility, nothing is lost, the courier will deliver the shipment to your door, call us and order the service.  


Xero Warsaw Ochota


Strefa xero- Photocopying services Warsaw operates as well Ochota as Ursus in a stationary mode, please contact us or make a personal visit to one of our facilities.  


​​​​Binding thesis

  • Stamps
  • Scan A3-A0+
  • Lamination and foiling
  • Xero A4-A3
  • Binding books
  • Print from e-mail
  • Office articles
  • OCR text scanning
A4-A3 Xero A4-A3

service is carried out in our two service points located in Warsaw in most cases we provide the service on the spot


- possibility of one-sided and double-sided printing and copying

- possible enlargement, reduction of copied and printed documents

- we offer a wide range of media such as: rigid papers, decorative papers, self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive films, tracing paper

Xero A4-A3

A3-A0 Xero A3-A0+

Xero A3-A0+

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