Modern real and virtual world abounds in various types of advertising messages. There are many tools and methods that can effectively promote our company. Currently, more and more often we reach for traditional solutions. A real renaissance is taking place just advertising stump. We distinguish between metal, aluminum cardboard and wooden stalls. They differ in shape and size, but all serve the same function - attract the attention of the potential customer and encourage interest in our offer or business.

What is swing-sign?

The name may be mysterious at first, but a billboard is nothing more than an advertising stand. To what do they owe their growing popularity? Currently, the world is almost saturated with a multitude of ads, and the consumer often does not notice the ubiquitous promotional messages. Advertising stands are the answer to the statement that in order to see something, you have to stumble upon it. Having an advertisement right in front of your feet, it is impossible not to notice it. Stands, in addition to informing and advertising, also have an aesthetic function. Nice, elegant stamps suggest the level of services offered by a given company. They are a kind of business card of the brand and a promise of what the customer can expect beyond the threshold of the premises. They work well especially in places with direct access to heavily trafficked areas. When designing your billboard, do not forget to include your logo! You should also include contact information such as phone number and web or email address

Swing-sign- Warsaw - welcome to Strefa Xero!

One of the biggest advantages is that the advertising poster works well in premises with a small area, because we can put it outdoors. Stands are lightweight, durable and convenient to carry. Xero Zone offers single-sided and double-sided stumpers in different sizes and shapes tailored to customer preferences and needs.

A professional swing-sign at an attractive price? Only in Strefa Xero in Warsaw!

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