Main product/service features:

  • latex, solvent, UV printing
  • sticker print resistant to weather conditions and abrasion
  • one-sided printing on matt or glossy foil
  • Stickers printed on white film or cut from coloured foil
  • Stickers in any shape
  •  labels cut on the contour
  • any kind of foil: full, owv (with holes), white, coloured, transparent, frosted, sand and many others
  • we make stickers for shop windows, bilboards, lightboxes, cars, etc.
  • we design all kinds of stickers
  • we cover shop windows, offices, walls, flat surfaces with stickers.

Sticker printing

Promotional stickers are one of the effective forms of promotion. They are distinguished by small size and the possibility to place them anywhere! Stickers produced by Strefa Xero are resistant to weather conditions, and they do not lose their color intensity over time. Advertise your company and create original stickers with your logo!

In the Strefa Xero the printing of stickers is possible thanks to the contour cutting technique - thanks to this method we can obtain any sticker shape. The condition is that the customer provides the outline, which is the plotting line.

We offer printing of stickers:

    for a billboard,

  • reflective,
  • floor,
  • car stickers,
  • for a swing-sign,
  • frosted foil,
  • sand foil (frosted glass effect).

Digital printing of stickers is our specialty. Trust our specialists. In case of regular cooperation or large orders we offer stickers printing at attractive prices.

Stickers printing in Warsaw - we invite you to take a look at our stickers printing offer!

Our stickers are resistant to abrasion, fading and adverse weather conditions such as rain, hail, sun, wind, frost, low and high temperatures. The products printed by Strefa Xero are of the highest quality. Our company offers printing of stickers and cutting out even very small elements such as fonts, logotypes, graphic signs. We offer printing of stickers in any shape and size, made with self-adhesive foil.

Thanks to the use of innovative technology, stickers produced by the Xero Zone are harmless to health and can be used at home, kindergarten, school, restaurant or office. In the interest of the highest quality and health of our customers and employees, our advertising stickers are certified for non-flammability, and the production of stickers is carried out using inks certified as harmless to human health.

Sticker printing in Warsaw - our specialists are waiting for your order and will gladly answer all your questions and doubts!

Sticker printing - Warsaw

Stickers are one of the most interesting and effective forms of advertising, promotion. This is because such sticker can be placed almost anywhere (of course where it is allowed). Sticker is small, but it can contain the most important information about company, service or product. Due to its small size they have a whole range of applications. You can stick such a sticker on a piece of paper, an advertisement pole, a cabinet or, for example, on a file with documents for a client (or potential client).

You can make a part of your stationery out of the sticker or just use them as small additions to your correspondence. They can also be a gadget or a decoration, which will additionally contain a handful of information that we want to pass on to potential clients. There are really many methods and ideas for their application.

We, as a professional printing house, professionally and expertly print self-adhesive stickers with glue according to your project. In each case the price is set individually, depending on the type of project, selected products, substrate materials or the size of the order.

Is printing stickers by yourself a good idea?

Today, most of us have a printer, inkjet or laser, in our home for personal use. And it works well for basic applications. Is it possible, using such a printer, to also print a set of stickers with an adhesive and foil covered surface?

 A home printer may be a good device for you if you want to print a small set of stickers, uncomplicated, it may be the solution for you. However, you need to get the right paper in the first place, as well as get the design right. Then the self-adhesive stickers will be correctly printed and will be suitable, for example, for private use.

However if you want to use stickers for advertising, commercial purposes or use them in the company as a gadget for employees or customers, a better place will be a digital or offset printing house. Only the equipment that a professional digital printing house has, will ensure high quality printing. You can also order stickers in a larger format, with a higher print run or place a specialized order. The lead time will be a bit longer, but the effect of digital printing will surely satisfy you.

How are stickers printed?

 How does sticker printing work and what printing techniques are used during this process?

Stickers can be printed on digital and offset printers. Each of these techniques gives excellent results and a high quality product. Which method is appropriate in a given case depends on the parameters of the order and the customer's expectations.

The basic issue is that digital printers are better for smaller print runs (this is an economic issue). Offset printers, on the other hand, are perfect for larger print runs - it is much more cost effective than printing larger runs with a digital printer.

It is also worth remembering that the offset printing machine needs to be prepared before starting the printing process. You will need appropriate forms created for the given project. This affects the time of execution of the order and this fact should be included in the deadline. However, it does not take long. However, you should know that in this case all prints will be the same. Making changes for example in one of them will not be possible. Changing the design requires changes in the forms and this also requires additional time. In return we get vivid, impressive stickers with all details perfectly reproduced. This is due to the greasy and oil-based inks for offset printing, which are intense and work very well.

Digital sticker printing

In the case of digital printing, in which self-adhesive stickers are also printed, there is no need to wait for the preparation of moulds - they are not needed here. What is necessary is a good, correctly created graphic design, which is then transferred onto paper by means of a machine called electrophotographic printing machine. It creates a printout directly from the data from the computer. The advantage of this method is that you can make corrections right before you start printing. So you can create personalized stickers and put different data on each one, for example, without having to create a whole new design for subsequent versions. Just edit the files quickly.


Stickers - Warsaw - sticker printing

Our offer includes the printing of stickers. We also make advertising labels, self-adhesive. They can take different shapes. Each order is priced individually, depending on the printed surface, format, piece or general specifics of the order. We will gladly give you the price list after contacting us.

Stickers and labels can be printed on matt or glossy foil - depending on customer preference. Our foils are of high quality. We print labels and stickers on the best materials and each order is created with attention to detail. For printing stickers and labels, we use digital and offset printing.

Ready prints can be collected personally in our points in Warsaw. It is also possible to order printouts via the Internet. In this case, the printouts will be delivered to the indicated address.

We print labels and stickers using digital and offset printing. The quality of our work, stickers and labels is always at the best level. As far as prices are concerned, you will surely be positively surprised. If you are interested, please contact us. We can carry out your order at our location (Warsaw) with the option of collecting the print in person or we can deliver the finished print to a specified address (Warsaw, surroundings and the whole Poland). The price will be increased by the cost of delivery.