Main product/service features:

  •  solvent, latex, UV printing
  • banner printout resistant to weather conditions and abrasion
  • single-sided and double-sided printing possible
  • The banner can be cut, welded or eyelets
  • basis weight of the material on which the print is made is 510g
  • banners can be made on reflective material
  • wykonujemy projekty graficzne banerów
  • we make graphic designs of banners
  • the project of selling, renting in the price of printing

Do you have a lot of free space and no idea how to use it? Advertising banners are a durable form of effective business promotion, both outdoors and indoors. Create the perfect banner to advertise your brand! It is important that the banner follows the color line of your company. Don't forget to include your logo!

Banner advertising or perhaps banner advertising?

You no longer have to worry about whether you are spelling the word correctly, because we have great information! Both forms are correct.

Are banner advertisements a bygone era?

Despite appearances, advertising banners are a very popular means used to promote the company. It is supported by low costs and high durability. It is used by large corporations, as well as local businesses. Placing a large, impressive poster is an easy way to attract new customers. Well designed, they catch the eye of the recipients and affect purchasing decisions. It is important that the design is in line with the company's philosophy and current trends. Nowadays, banners are often used as walls for photo shoots.

Strefa Xero designs and performs professional banner printing, then welds and eyelets large format advertising posters. Trust our specialists and order your original banner today!

Banners made in our company are characterized by high quality and high resistance to adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, hail, UV radiation. If you want to increase the durability of your banner, we offer laminating and foiling services. Thanks to this the colors on your advertisement will remain unchanged for several years! It is worth adding that it is also possible to clean the banner, e.g. from writing with a pen.

Printing banners is our specialty. We invite you to our points in Warsaw!

Banners Warsaw

Advertising banners are a popular - not without a reason - form of advertising, promotion of products, services, companies or events. Banner printing allows for highly effective advertising. Despite the fact that the Internet is nowadays the main medium used by many people, outdoor advertising is still very effective.

However, in order for advertising banners to really bring measurable effects, you need to make sure that they are made professionally and with attention to detail. That is why in our company banner printing is done using modern techniques and professional equipment. This is the only way to ensure product quality and durability against external factors and mechanical damage. After all, advertising banners are supposed to hang mainly outside - and that is what we operate with in mind. We print on machines that guarantee durability of color for a long time, and the materials on which we create prints are also resistant to factors such as rain or sun.

Cheap Warsaw banners

Banner printing can be associated with high costs associated with the project itself, as well as printing and materials. In fact, we offer banner printing at affordable prices, adequate to the quality of our products. So at first it is worth to have a look at the technique in which we print advertising banners. It is solvent printing. What does it mean in practice?  Solvent printing is today one of the most popular methods used for large format printing. It allows to easily transfer digital images and graphics (that is banner designs) onto real surfaces - coated or laminated material.

What is solvent printing? Solvent plotters are a kind of inkjet printer, which instead of classic ink prints with a kind of solvent with color. Thanks to this the color "bites" into the substrate and a printout of really high quality can be created. It will not fade as quickly as traditional ink and will not melt in case of rain.

Such plotters can print on many different substrates, including mesh, vinyl and polypropylene films, paper, wallpaper, fabric, cotton canvas. They work great when other printers fail. And they are perfect for printing high quality, visually appealing banners. We offer cheap banners - Warsaw.

Banner printing Warsaw

During the process of order fulfillment it will be important to choose the substrate on which the printouts will be made. Among the materials that we recommend and that we have in our offer there are two substrates: laminated and coated. If your banner is to hang in a place where it will be exposed to mechanical damage or atmospheric factors, choose a coated surface. It is more resistant to damage. On the other hand, laminated substrate will work well in a place where conditions are calmer. There is also a difference in price. Laminated is cheaper than coated, but it is important to consider your expectations from the product when placing an order.

Banners on the spot Warsaw - check our banner offer today and choose the best option for you

Are you looking for a company operating in the capital city with short lead times? You have come to the right place. We deal with the printing of advertising banners, an effective form of advertising and promotion, and Warsaw is the place where we have our points. Implementation time depends, of course, on the type of service chosen and on how large the order is, but in any situation we act quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, if you are interested in printing advertising banners, but you do not have a ready project - you have the opportunity to order it to us. Then you will receive the service of creating a project and the possibility of printing and eyeleting - everything will be done in one place..

Advertising banners Warsaw - price list

Are you interested in cheap banners? Warsaw as a capital city is a high competition when it comes to printing banners. If you think that because of this our price is high - thankfully in this particular issue you are wrong. The price of our services is attractive and depends on the type of order, its size, circulation or time in which it is to be implemented. If you want to know the pricing of your project or order with the design from our website, write and we will be happy to provide you with any information. Banners - Warsaw - welcome.


Used banners or new ones?

Used banners are rather not a good option. Every banner informs about something and usually this information is very individual or valid only for some time. That is why used banners are not popular. In our shop you can order any banner you want. Browse our offer, read the reviews and finally decide for yourself if you want to cooperate with Strefa Xero. Apart from banners we also make rollups and other large format prints which will surely make your company or institution famous.

Printing on banner material
Print / Material up to 1 sq.m. >10 >20 >50
coated banner 510g 70,00 60,00 50,00 40,00
* Price list for one-sided printing
* Double sided banner price x 2
* Price includes sealing and eyeleting