Every company needs an appropriate way to present its products and services in a way that is attractive to the recipient. Such presentation increases the chance of gaining new clients and increasing sales and, consequently, profits. Especially useful are high quality, well prepared advertising walls, which are widely used. They can be used in stores, offices, fairs, conferences and many other places where potential customers from the target group are present. Walls pop up, advertising walls - Warsaw - see what we offer.

Advertising walls and their usage.

As the name suggests, advertising walls are meant to advertise - a product or service of a particular company. However, it can also be used for information purposes or even as a decoration. Everything depends on the vision of the ordering party and on what distinguishes the product, which he wants to advertise or present to a wider audience. We offer many types of advertising walls, which makes it easy to create such a product that meets your expectations and specificity of the product or service you want to advertise.

Advertising walls have many uses thanks to the possibility of placing graphics on them. This, in turn, makes the recipient perceive them as impressive and elegant, and from here it is only one step to increasing interest in the company's offer. The possibility of personalization and creating a wall according to the client's vision makes the final product reflect the character of the advertised product or the brand itself.

Types of advertising walls

A classic wall or perhaps an original, challenging project, enriched with additional lighting? It does not matter what your vision is and how unusual it is - we will be happy to talk about your idea and also undertake the implementation of unconventional projects when it comes to advertising walls.

Let's now take a look at the types of walls that we often see at trade fairs, conferences or in offices.

  • Advertising walls: textile walls

These are some of the most common walls. These advertising walls are mostly addressed to entrepreneurs, who want to advertise their product or service, systematically participating in industry events and presentations. Such walls are adjusted to frequent moving and transporting. Due to their aluminum construction, these advertising walls are lightweight, as well as quick and easy to install. Before the event they can be assembled in a few moments and after the presentation they can be just as quickly disassembled and packed to be transported to another place. Of course, we cannot forget about the prints, which are the essence of the wall. You can choose double-sided or single-sided printing, the choice depends on the customer's vision.

  •  Advertising walls: pop-up walls

Advertising pop-up walls are designed to assemble and disassemble quickly - just like a textile wall. However, here we are dealing with a complete set that can be used for trade shows, promotions, and events without the need to purchase additional display elements. The wall can be immediately set up, and quickly and easily assembled after the action. Such a set guarantees that the entirety will look aesthetically and coherently, fully reflecting the nature of the product, service or brand itself.

  • Advertising walls: Exhibition hop-up walls

Advertising walls of this type are distinguished by the way they are mounted. Here we are dealing with velcro, which makes it very easy to replace graphics or wash them if they get dirty. Hop-up advertising walls are equipped with light, aluminum frames which assembly is fast and easy. It also does not require additional tools, which significantly increases the mobility of the product. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the most characteristic feature of this system, namely the graphics mounted to the frame with Velcro. Graphics is applied under the fabric, which significantly improves the whole process.

  •  Advertising walls: modular exhibition walls

Such advertising walls, exhibition walls can be combined with each other to build a perfect stand. It is possible to combine individual systems if, for instance, there is a need to create a larger stand for several people presenting the company's offer. The biggest advantage of such walls is the fact that they can be freely adjusted according to current needs. When you need a smaller stand, one module is enough, while when you need more space, you need to add more modules. You can also add lighting to this type of wall.

High quality advertising wall will not only allow you to present your company, product or service in an elegant way, but also attract customer attention. We provide high quality of implementation at an attractive price. Our advertising and exhibition walls can be used as a form of advertising - then the best solution is to print increasing brand awareness, such as logo, advertising slogan or offer description. You can also use the wall as an element of office decoration, changing the prints for example according to the season.

Advertising walls - Warsaw - exhibition systems

In Strefa Xero we offer advertising walls, which allow you to advertise your services or products in a simple yet effective way. In Xero Zone we offer advertising walls, which enable you to advertise your services or products in a simple effective way. They enjoy great interest among customers, due to their attractive prices and wide range of application.

On advertising walls (e.g. pop up walls, textile walls) you can put virtually any overprint. It can be a graphic, company logo or a short description of company's activity. There can also be advertising slogans, tailored to a particular occasion. They are very often used during various conferences, trainings or fairs, but nothing stands in the way of them being placed permanently in the company's headquarters, for example near the reception desk. A huge advantage of these advertising products is that they are very easy to assemble and assemble, and the individual elements of the structure are reusable.

There are several types of advertising walls available on the market, but the most common is the textile wall. They are set up on an aluminum frame, the height of which can of course be adjusted, on which a printed material is hung (there is a choice of single or double-sided printing).

Apart from textile walls, we can also recommend ready-made exhibition walls: pop-up walls, hop-up walls, which also use aluminium frames and fabrics, which are fixed to the construction with Velcro or modular walls, which enable several independent elements to be joined together.

Experts from our company will undertake the creation of even the most demanding advertising wall - please contact us! Advertising walls - Warsaw - pop up walls, textile walls, modular - check it out.

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