Main Product/Service Features:

  • we laminate all formats up to 160cm wide
  • lamination can be matte or glossy
  • we laminate A6, A5, A4 and A3 formats on the spot.
  • the foiling can be one-sided or double-sided
  • we laminate office documents, photographs, maps, drawings, posters, business cards, invitations
  • the foil permanently protects the document against damage, flooding, tearing, scratching
  • we foil matt, glossy or soft touch
  • we also foil unusual sizes
If you need experts in foiling and laminating, then take advantage of Strefa Xero's years of experience!
Lamination up to A3
Volume / Format Up to A6 A5 A4 A3
1 page 2,50 3.00 4,00 8,00
25-50 ? ? ? ?
51-100 ? ? ? ?
over 100 ? ? ? ?.
Price list for one-side foiling

Foiling up to SRA3 format - Single sided

Volume / Format Up to A6 A5 A4 A3 / SRA3
1 page 0,75 1,00 1,25 2,50
51-100 ? ? ? ?
over 100 ? ? ? ?
*Price list for one-side foiling
Foiling up to SRA3 format - double-sided
Volume/ Format Up to A6 A5 A4 A3 / SRA3
1 page 1,50 2,00 2,50 5,00
51-100 ? ? ? ?
over 100 ? ? ? ?

*Price list for double-sided filming price x 2

  • Foiling/Lamination of large format printouts
Laminating / Material up to 1 >10 >20 >50
Matt or glossy laminate 40,00 35,00 30,00 25,00

*Price list for one-side foiling

*Price list for double-sided filming price x 2

Large format laminating in Warsaw

Laminating documents is a process in which the printout is covered with a hot laminate or passed together with the foil through hot rollers.

The foil has an active adhesive that sticks permanently to the paper, which makes it impossible to remove it later. This mechanism serves primarily to secure and protect against moisture, radiation and mechanical damage.

Laminating the print also improves the aesthetic value of the documents. Strefa Xero offers its customers lamination with liquid laminate or by hot rollers. The service covers a wide range of formats.
Lamination - efficient execution at an affordable price

Laminating of documents is a type of printing laminating. The printing surface is covered with plastic foil. The advantage of this solution is stiffening the printed surface and protecting it from the harmful effects of mechanical and chemical factors, as well as unfavorable weather conditions. It is also worth noting that foiling allows sharpening printed colors, which gives the documents an additional decorative effect. Foiling of documents can be one-sided as well as two-sided. Our Warsaw locations offer a choice of matte or glossy films.

Our advantage is undoubtedly fast execution - we laminate documents up to A3 size on the spot. Using double-sided batch lamination in ready sheets of film, it is possible to perform the service from the size of a business card.

Our realisations are not limited to these formats only, as we can also foil documents up to 150 cm wide. In that case, the realisation time is about 2-3 working days.

In case of any questions or doubts, our qualified employees will provide all the necessary information and help you choose the right service.
Feel free to contact us.

Laminating documents Warsaw

Documents, papers, contracts, warranties or other important documents stored for some time can lose their properties. Ink will fade, paper may become dirty or torn and in such a situation the document may become unreadable and lose its value.

This applies both to documents stored at home, for private use, as well as those that are in circulation in the company. In every company, the circulation of documents involves passing them from hand to hand, often many times.

Eventually, the document will either be destroyed spontaneously, through repeated folding, unfolding or holding by many hands, or it will be damaged. All it takes is a stain, spilled water, coffee or anything else for a document to lose its visual value and become unreadable, worthless, invalid. How to guard against that?

This is where we come into play. Or rather, not so much us as our document lamination services. As a printing house we do hot or cold lamination. We ensure high quality of service by using the best materials and laminate.
What does lamination consist in?

What are the advantages of this solution?

First of all, lamination makes the printouts keep their properties for longer. First of all, the use of laminate protects the document against external factors, such as sunlight, as well as mechanical factors. Sun rays are a big threat for papers, files as they cause them to fade. You can stop this process by using a laminate. It makes the print not fade and look good for a long time. Laminate additionally makes the colors visible on the documents intense, vibrant.

They can even be further enhanced by lamination - and not just prolonged. This procedure has also aesthetic properties and improves appearance of printouts, papers, materials.

Laminating also protects very well against all kinds of creases, folds or tearing of the document. It is therefore a good way to extend its durability but also to protect it against damage. Additionally laminator stiffens the printout which affects its aesthetic values.
Advantages for the customer - lamination?

First of all, when it comes to business documents, thanks to lamination there is no necessity to reprint frequently the papers and letters. One printout is enough - it will last for a long time.

It concerns for example such matters as regulations or printouts important for clients.

Another issue is the fact that many papers are important to us and we do not have the possibility to print them again, such as signed contracts. Digital printing house offering laminating service will help you to preserve important acts, prints for a long time.
Lamination Warsaw

When it comes to laminating services, there are several. One of the most popular ones is a printing lamination method which uses a special foil. Such foil is applied on a document. Thanks to this it becomes stiffer and more resistant to any damage.

Additionally, it is this method that allows for more intense colors to emerge from printouts. Foiling with the use of special foils makes the colors become more intense, which has a positive influence on the aesthetic values of a given document.
Large format lamination in Warsaw

We are aware of the fact that lamination does not apply only to papers and prints of smaller, typical sizes, such as A4. Sometimes there is a need to protect larger formats - and this is where large format lamination becomes necessary.

Our digital printing house deals with lamination of printouts of various sizes, including large format ones. If you want to know more, for example find out the price of such service, we encourage you to contact us. The price depends on the number of prints and their size.

rint foiling - what does it involve?

Next to lamination, print foiling is the most popular form of protecting documents against damage. Print foiling consists in applying one-sided self-adhesive foil and is often much cheaper than laminating, which seals both sides of a sheet of paper. In our Xero Zone you can count on printing foiling of both standard and very non-standard sizes. We go out to our customers, therefore there are no impossible tasks for us. No matter what you want to laminate or foil, ask us.
Laminating printouts

Photocopying is not the only thing we do. Apart from that we also offer laminating of printouts, making photos, banners and many other services around books, documents and badges. Laminating your prints in some cases is crucial, as it allows you to keep your important text or document or graphics intact. If you want to find out more, check out our offer available on the website or contact us and tell us what you need - we will surely meet it.
Laminating documents Szczecin

Do you need documents laminating? Szczecin has a few points, but if you want it done right, let us do it for you. Laminating is a process in which thin layers of transparent polyethylene nylon are bonded together to protect paper documents such as certificates, results, references, etc. Laminating is believed to extend the life of important documents such as certificates, results, etc. So if you choose not to laminate Szczecin documents, visit our site.
Laminating books

Book lamination is not a complicated process. It is often used for softcover books to help protect and enhance the design. Lamination involves adhering a clear plastic film to the cover of a book and is ideal for all types of books. It is a simple and inexpensive technique that can help improve handling and durability. Book laminating is also a good way to protect school books - especially if your child is sometimes careless.
Print Laminating

Do you know how print lamination works? Lamination is a finishing process in printing that uses pressure and heat to bond a thin layer of plastic, called a laminate, to paper or another flat substrate. Print lamination is typically used to protect the paper from general wear and tear and increase the life of the printed piece. Take a look at our offerings and send us an inquiry that interests you. We also invite you to visit one of our Warsaw stationary points in Ochota and Ursus.

Everything is to be agreed at the stage of placing the order.