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We carry out graphic design of all products in our offer including: business cards, flyers, posters, stickers, banners, signs and shop windows. We create, rework and recreate logos, trademarks, poor quality graphics. On request we can create a whole book of signs as a determinant of a coherent corporate identity. One of the elements of our offer is also composition of books, brochures, folders and company catalogs.

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Strefa Xero in Warsaw offers professional graphic design at attractive prices! Together with our qualified staff we are building a strong brand, which has been on the Polish market for over 10 years! We encourage you to take a look at our offer!

Strefa Xero offers its customers, in addition to professional printing services in any format, graphic design. Our graphic designers will prepare a graphic project according to your preferences. Before placing an order, an employee conducts a detailed interview with the customer, and during or after the work is completed, he is available for consultations regarding possible corrections. We offer unique and original graphic designs. After the design and its acceptance we help at every stage of product realization - we provide advice on the choice of appropriate material, size, saturation of colors, type of colors, paper weight, quantity of print and advise on possible further stages of protection, such as lamination or foiling of the product.
Why use the services of a professional graphic designer?

Not everyone was born an Einstein or a computer graphic designer. Although every logo or graphic can be created by yourself in the comfort of your home, you need not only an appropriate program but also years of experience. An important factor here is the idea itself - even the best graphics will be wrong if it is banal and boring. Our employees create original graphics, all in agreement with the vision and expectations of the customer. We listen to our customers' suggestions at every stage of the project and implement possible amendments together with the changing vision of the ordering person. Our priority is to create a product in accordance with the visual concept of your company. We create graphic design in the color line of your company so that it is consistent with other products.

We design:

  •     logo,
        business cards,
        postcards and many others!

    Strefa Xero in Warsaw offers a full range of graphic design and printing services. We invite you!

    Every company at some point faces the need to create a graphic design. It can be a graphic design of a website, graphic design of a leaflet, graphic design of a business card or an informational poster, which contains important information about the event or the company's offer. In theory, graphic design can be done by anyone. In practice, however, graphics are of great importance - not only purely aesthetic, but above all practical. Only a well-designed graphic design can be effective in marketing message and convey important information in a clear way. A badly designed one will not work properly, but may even discourage customers from using the company's services or buying the brand's product.

    It should also be remembered that in the case of graphic design, consistency is of great importance. A well-designed visual identification allows the customers to remember the company better and form an opinion about its image.
    Visual identification - what is it and what is its meaning?

    When it comes to graphic design, consistency is important. Visual identification can be simply described as one of the basic tools that serve to create the brand image. If it is appropriately matched to the branch and character of offered products, it has a huge marketing power. Professionally designed corporate identity makes it easier to distinguish a company from many others. Moreover, it is possible to attract the attention of potential customers and be remembered by them. A coherent and aesthetic corporate identity, adjusted to the brand's character, is also a signal for the customer that he can trust the company, use its services or buy its product.

  • What does visual identification consist of?

A common perception of corporate identity is that it is a well-designed logo, business cards, website. This is of course true, but the current requirements of business dictate a broader approach to this topic. The point is to create not only a few separate projects, but also the entire visual system of the brand, in which subsequent projects will fit.

Let's get down to specifics, namely the definition of visual identity. Visual identity system is a description of procedures and graphic designations that are used in a company. They have to be written down concretely, so that they could be a determinant for a designer who creates subsequent graphic projects. What is the aim of creating such a system? First of all, it is about obtaining a clear identification. It should in a clear and logical way relate to the logotype given to the brand. However, it is also important that the identification corresponds with the values of a given brand and with the organizational culture prevailing in the company.

The most common elements that make up the visual identification system are

    logo or logotype
    company colors and typography - typeface and size of fonts used in company's documents
    graphic layout of the company's printed materials, marketing and promotional materials, letterhead, advertising materials
    design of products and their packaging
    dress code of employees, arrangement of the company's headquarters and surroundings, trade fair stands, etc.

What is the importance of visual identification?

First of all, thanks to a well-designed identification (e.g. advertising materials), the recipient, and thus a potential customer, can quickly recognize a brand just by seeing its materials. It is easier to remember general colors - associations work here. It is worth noting that visual identification (such as well-designed websites) is of great importance at the beginning of the road of a given company, when it is just starting on the market. The first impression is crucial here. It is the visual identification system that makes a company evoke specific emotions, impressions or feelings in its recipients.

Graphic design - Warsaw - graphic design based on visual identity system

In our company we deal with creating graphic designs. We prepare various graphic designs, however our knowledge about the essence of visual identification allows us to adjust these designs to the already existing creations of a given company. The corporate identity system is described in the corporate identity book, which contains all the elements of this system, the way in which the company builds its image. Therefore, here we will find, for example, colors adopted in a given company, typefaces that will be used to prepare a design of business cards or flyers informing about an event in the company. The book should also contain information on the graphic design of the company, and thanks to this it will be easier to create consistent graphic designs.

By entrusting us with the preparation of a graphic design for the company, you can be sure that the final result will be tailored to all requirements and will fit into the other already existing elements of visual identity. We listen to our clients and act in consultation with them so that the project meets their expectations and is consistent with their vision.
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We are a professional printing house located in Warsaw. Our offices are located in Ochota and Ursus. We invite you to one of our offices to discuss the details of the order. We also work online.

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Realizujemy projekty graficzne wszystkich produktów z naszej oferty wizytówki, ulotki, plakaty, naklejki, banery, szyldy i witryny. Tworzymy, przerabiamy i odtwarzamy logotypy, znaki graficzne, słabej jakości grafiki. Na życzenie klienta możemy stworzyć całą księgę znaku jako wyznacznik spójnej identyfikacji firmy. Jednym z elementów naszej oferty jest również skład książek, broszur, folderów i katalogów firmowych.

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