Main features of the product / service:

  • immediate execution of the cover
  • hardcover up to 300 sheets or 600 pages
  • embossed and gilded inscription in 2 colors
  • hard channel binding in 4 colors
  • soft, glued binding in 5 colors
  • 6 soft covers to choose from
  • binding in the covers of your university
  •  discounted promotional prices all year round
  • shipment of thesis in Warsaw, Poland and Europe
Black and white printing
Volume / Format A4 A3 SRA3
1 - 100 0,18 0,36 0,72
101 - 250 0,16 0,32 0,64
251 - 500 0,14 0,28 0,56
501 - 1000 0,12 0,24 0,48
1001 - 2000 0,10 0,20 0,40
over 2000 0,09 0,18 0,36
* double-sided printing - number of pages x 2 / price x 2
Color printing
Volume / Format A4 A3 SRA3
1 - 10 2,00 4,00 8,00
11 - 30 1,70 3,40 6,80
31 - 50 1,50 3,00 6,00
51 - 100 1,30 2,60 5,20
101 - 200 0,85 1,70 3,40
201 - 500 0,75 1,50 3,00
501 - 1000 0,65 1,30 2,60
1001 - 2000 0,55 1,10 2,20
over 2000 0,50 1,00 2,00

* double-sided printing - number of pages x 2 / price x 2


Type of binding / Number of pages > 95 96 - 125 126 - 150 151 - 300 
hard cover with inscription 12,00 15,00 15,00 20,00
soft (g. plastic) 5,00 7,00 9,00 12,00
soft (g. metal) 7,00 9,00 12,00 15,00
soft (glued) 7,00 9,00 13,00 17,00
soft (canal) 8,00 12,00 14,00 20,00
soft (college cover) 15,00 17,50 20,00 25,00

promotional prices with simultaneous printing of the work

* binding without printing + 3.00

frames with drawings + 10.00 for one strip

reopening the hardcover 10.00

CD / DVD Disc + recording Disc sticker Disc case
2,50 / 5,00 5,00 / 7,50 10,50 3,50

*each subsequent sticker on a 3.50 disc

*colorless self-adhesive disc case

Studies are not only discounts, parties until the morning and the joy of not having parental guardianship. Most of all, these are years of hard study, difficult exams, and hectoliters of coffee. At the end of the time spent at the university, students' knowledge must be checked by the diploma examination. To join it, it is necessary to write a thesis: bachelor's, master's, engineering, or doctoral dissertation.

To join it, it is necessary to write a thesis: bachelor's, master's, engineering, or doctoral dissertation. It all depends on the degree of study. It sounds simple, but you know that creating such a job and defending it is not such an easy task - but it gives a lot of satisfaction. Strefa Xero knows perfectly well that writing a thesis is no mean feat. You need: one title, a lot of sacrifices, many books, a few tears, a few articles, a bit of mobilization and a pinch of advice from the promoter. If you have survived this hard writing time and all your knowledge has been transferred to pieces of paper, you have nothing left but three things

  • printing of the diploma theses
  • defense
  • celebrating graduation

 In the last two points, you will manage without our help, and in the first point - we are specialists.

Strefa Xero –we offer cheap printing of diploma theses in Warsaw and binding of bachelor's, master's, engineering, and doctoral dissertations. Our printing house is a place where you can immediately bind the printed work: choose a binding or a soft or hard cover, the one that suits you or meets the requirements of the university.

Binding of diploma theses Warsaw

We will implement for you:

  • printing of diploma theses
  • printing of master’s theses
  • printing of bachelor’s theses
  • printing of engineering works
  • printing dof doctoral dissertations

Binding of doctoral thesis Warsaw

Writing a dissertation is a huge challenge. It requires many days of research, study, research, and study. In addition, when writing a job, you also need to conduct classes. However, it must not be forgotten that creating this thesis and defending it is a great satisfaction and pride for a person who obtains a doctoral degree.

To be sure that everything before the defense is buttoned up, we invite you to our point in Warsaw. We offer printing and binding of works. We perform our services accurately and conscientiously so that the result will satisfy both the student and the promoter.

Binding of master's theses Warsaw

The diploma thesis written after 5 years of study is the crowning achievement of the knowledge acquired during the entire course of study. Regardless of which field of study you chose, it is the master's thesis that will allow you to obtain the academic title you dreamed of for all 5 years. Writing a good job is not an easy task. It is a task that requires concentration, searching for information and also writing of many pages on a given topic. We will not help you create your perfect work, but we will make sure that its physical form is as professional and aesthetic as possible. At our point you can print your work quickly and inexpensively.

You can also frame it immediately on site. We offer various types of luminaires, so you will surely find one that meets the standards set by the university, as well as your personal preferences and tastes. You can choose binding, you can also choose a paperback, hardcover with the wording of a diploma or master's thesis.

Oferujemy oprawy różnego rodzaju, dlatego na pewno znajdziesz taką, która wpisuje się w standardy określone przez uczelnię, jak również w Twoje osobiste preferencje i gusta. Możesz wybrać bindowanie, do wyboru jest też oprawa miękka, oprawa twarda z napisem praca dyplomowa bądź magisterska.

Bachelor's thesis in Warsaw

The bachelor's thesis is the essence, the crowning achievement of 3 years of study at the bachelor's degree. After this time, you should create a work that is several dozen pages long, which will cover issues related to the field of your studies. Writing a thesis is one thing, but it still needs to be defended. This is required for graduation. It also entitles you to submit documents for further studies, master’s, or postgraduate studies. We will help you to ensure that your bachelor's thesis is in perfect physical shape. We offer on-site printing and binding, quickly and inexpensively. You can choose between a paperback cover, a channel hardcover, binding or other binding of diploma theses required by the university. Our printing house also offers covers with the words BA or diploma thesis. The prices are attractive - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and check what other services we provide.

Bachelor's thesis printing- is it worth it?

Three years of hard study behind you. Do you think this is the end of the exams? Nothing could be more wrong! There are fields of study where the knowledge of undergraduate studies is sufficient to start a job, but if you want to go to graduate studies - you must defend yourself.

Engineering thesis - is it worth it?

You decided not to go to the bachelor's degree and proudly announced to your family that in 3.5 years you will become Mr. Engineer or Mrs. Engineer? Great decision! However, we have bad news for you, if you want to sign your e-mails with the title of Eng. - you must defend yourself.

Master's thesis printing - is it worth it?

5 years of learning when it's over! Perhaps you have already found a job in the profession, and you do not need the paper, but weren't those late nights to announce to the whole world - I am a master!? So is it worth it? Of course, it's worth it, but most of all - you deserve this master's degree by your surname.

PhD thesis print - is it worth it?

Rigt here you have no choice, you just have to. The Strefa Xero team in Warsaw wishes all graduates great professional successes.

 We invite you to use our services

Binding of diploma theses Warsaw 24h

Our printing house is the place for you if you need to print and frame your theses. If you care about good quality, speed of service and reasonable price, we invite you to one of our points or use our online offer.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a master's thesis, bachelor's or doctoral thesis, we have the right covers. It may be a hardcover, paperback, binding or other binding required by the university, for example with the university's logo or with an inscription (paperback or hardcover). The price of the service offered by our printing house is not high.

Binding of diploma theses Warsaw Ochota

We print and frame thesis in Warsaw - we invite you to the point in Ochota. The point located in the vicinity of universities and university campuses, so we invite students of various faculties, whenever they have such a need. Printing and binding of works are tasks that we perform immediately.

Remember to prepare your job well for printing. You need to take care of the margins, and also submit the file for printing in PDF format. DOC format not printable - everything may look great on one computer, and it won't look good on another, on a different version of the software. You can choose from binding, soft covers, hard covers, other types of covers (with the school's logo, inscription). The prices of printing and binding are not high.

Binding of diploma theses Warsaw Ursus

We print students' thesis and also offer various types of binding. The price of the services depends on many factors, one of them is the number of sheets. We frame all the thesis on the spot, without the need for additional waiting.

Bound bachelor thesis

Do you know what a bound undergraduate thesis should look like? Most students have never printed and bound any research papers before their thesis. Therefore, choosing the perfect printing and binding configuration can be a difficult task. First of all, you should check the university's website for any special requirements on what a bound undergraduate thesis should look like and consist of. In our zone, you are guaranteed aesthetic execution and delivery of the work or efficient personal pick-up.

Binding of the diploma thesis - Warsaw, welcome.

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